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The Simpsons!

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Yes a thread for the show The Simpsons of which I am a huge fan of. So post your thoughts about your favourite episodes characters ect.

And as always last weeks episode was, without a doubt, the worst episode ever.

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  • Season 10 was great (i might even say my favourite season) and i think the best episodes of the season is Viva Ned Flanders and Wild Barts Can't be Broken and Marge Simpson in Yellow Screaming Honkers and my favourite episode of the series is Viva Ned Flanders. and all my favourite episodes are the ones i said there now. 22 Short films about Springfield,The Simpsons 138th episode spectacular, Two Bad Neighbors,You Only Move Twice,Mountain of Madness,The Old Man & The Lisa,Das Bus,Realty Bites,King Of The Hill,Who Shot Mr.Burns,Marge On The Lam,Behind The Laughter & Worst Episode Ever!
  • Ribs wrote: »
    They got Daniel Radcliffe to say "You are tearing me apart, Lisa!" which must count for something, right?

    Guest appearances and 'humour' based on thoughtless references are not the show's saving grace. If anything, given the regularity with which they do it, it's a sign that they need to stop production immediately.
    South Park is the greatest animated show ever made. The simpsons is for 6 year olds

    You're making yourself too obvious. Effective trolling requires an element of subtlety. Keep at it, though; you'll get there one day.
  • South Park is the greatest animated show ever made. The simpsons is for 6 year olds

    'The Simpsons was one of the greatest animated shows on TV. 'South Park' is one of the greatest animated shows on TV.

    'The Simpsons' will always deserve respect for its earlier seasons but 'South Park' continues to be genius (for the most part).

    ... Just my opinion of course.
  • ...except for the fact it's right by both oceans when it needs to be, it's a short car ride to both mexico and canada, there are mountains, fields, valleys, both tropical and coniferous forests... :P It's a town where they need it to be that particular week.

    Simpsons 5-10 were probably the best years, although the early seasons are the ones I directly grew up with and have seen a million times so they hold a special place in my heart. As for South Park, for myself, I have found that show to always be touch and go. There would be a hilarious show now and then, a few horrible ones, and ones where they just tried to be offensive...which Family Guy has now shown the world, does NOT make it funny. I generally don't care for South Park, but the odd really funny episode keeps me from putting down to the Family Guy level of hate.
  • As for favourite episodes: hm...
    off the top of my head;
    Hurricane Neddy
    Homer's Enemy
    Marge VS The Monorail
    The Cartridge Family
    King Size Homer
    Homer The Smithers... etc
  • Johro wrote: »
    As for favourite episodes: hm...
    off the top of my head;

    King Size Homer

    Ooohh, I forgot about that one. Classic!
  • I still like the show but I don't watch it as often nor does it make me laugh as much as I used to. And these days there are a lot of references that just go over my head as I'm not that up on current pop culture.

    As for picking a favourite episode (or episodes), it's so hard to say for certain though one immediately springs to mind and that is Mr. Plow.
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