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I'm stuck on the processing order page. What now? My ordernumber is #600150793707302 The Walking Dead plus Almost Everything Pack. I got a confirmation email from paypal. What now? I btw also emailed you guys. Support code is "issue-57933"

Thanks in advance


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    Do you guys have an update on when I get my games?
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    Guys common its been 2 days since I heared something. I bought the almost everything pack but didnt recieve the games since the order got stuck on the Order Processing page. I check my bankaccount this morning plus my paypal en everything is payed. I also emailed you guys about this issue-57933. My ordernumber is Order #600150793707302.

    Would like to hear asap!
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    When do I get the hear something from support. I bought something here for the first time. The Walking Dead with The Almost Everything pack. Money is payed but I got stuck on the Order processing page. So geuss what? No games!

    It;s been 2 days since I emailed you guys but didn hear anything! My support number is issue-57933.

    I think this is the first and last time I bought something from you guys.
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    Hi Kenneloth, I'm moving this to the Shopping & Activation support forum. I'm sure one of the Telltale guys will do their best to help you out.
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    You should have access now. I apologize for the delay.
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