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Night Of The Living Dead

posted by xBlackDragon7x on - last edited - Viewed by 534 users
This game looks like it will have that feel which we really need in the Zombie Game Genre only 5 Episodes seems like it will be short but the whole survivor story is gonna be epic!:D
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  • trust me, it wont be short, it will be well worth the money
    and i think there will be some really great choices that we will have to make in a matter or seconds, i think this might one game that uses choices but then doesnt tell you if it is good or bad. we need more games that give hard choice, not much time to think and not saying if something is good or bad, at the end of the day, it only bad if you think it is
  • That's good to hear jodafire i was worried about how short it is at first it looks like we will be making some hard and tragic choices like they did in the night of the living dead remake movie not a ton of gunz and ammo just good ole survival methods it looks like it will be really fun!
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