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22.49€ vs 22,49$

posted by Clord on - last edited - Viewed by 590 users
Would be rather silly to buy from steam with that euro price, considering you can save a lot by using this site. It is kinda like intentionally made so (you guys not need share the money with steam). Then again Legend of Grimrock does this too.
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  • Steam is notorious for its poor Euro conversion.
  • thats just like real life. the world pays for american luxuries, be it oil or video games.

    the conqueror gets the first pick at the spoils of war.
  • Middlemen... I hate this guys.

    Steam are publishers AND sellers (2-in-1) so they can put the price they want in other currencies. Sad but true. (Microsoft and Sony do the same thing, of course).

    I've always thought that it's better to purchase directly from the developers. Money goes directly for them... whithout middlemen asking for their cut, you know.

    Telltale have a good system to sell its PC/Mac games through their website, without depending from publishers. That's awesome.
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