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I was thinking to burn the episodes on CD for safekeeping and decided to make a CD cover to go with it (waiting for the official CD of course!).

I am pretty content with it so I decided to share it here, for people not planning on buying the official disc perhaps...?


Also feel free to tell me what you think of it!! And if you want to use it just save to your computer and print it out, should be the right size for a normal CD cover.

Oh, I hope I can do this? Don't want to get in trouble with the Telltale crew of course!!! ;)
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  • It's surprisingly very simple. Like something I would see in the Wal-Mart bargin bin area of the computer software section (which is where I found Zoo Tycoon, incidently). That's not a bad thing, because sometimes simplicity is a good thing.

    From a design stand-point, I personally don't like how much red there is. But, again, that's my personal opinion.
  • Well, it definitely serves the purpose of storing the games, although design-wise the whole thing isn't spectacular. Just some pictures and some lines of text (and everything is just centered ;) ... which reminds me, I've done this too). But hey, obviously you're not doing this very often, and after all I've seen worse.
  • Hero1;31725 said:
    the font suxs
    At least you can read it, which is more important.
  • That is nice of you to share it, and yeah you did a good job. Telltale has access to fresher material though rather then photos we've seen before, so I'm sure they could make something more fresh anyway. The disc is going to be DVD, by the way, not CD. :)
  • Hero1;31725 said:
    the font suxs
    Ah, come on, it's not that bad. Where could you get a better font anyway? That might take a while to find.
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    AdamG;31754 said:
    The disc is going to be DVD, by the way, not CD. :)
    But he's burning a CD for himself so that's why it says CD. :)
  • I think its great.. 1st person had it right. very simple not overdone or filtered out the rear. I think the episodes are to close together on the list but other than that. Can I have a copy of the photo if its ok with telltale lol. I mean I bought the game and will buy the german version too but I just like all arts. And this one is pretty decent CD cover wise

    Ps wierd fonts while cool just make it hard to read! I have 999999 fonts loading and it does take forever to find a decent one.
  • AdamG;31755 said:
    Ah, come on, it's not that bad.
    Could be worse.
    *Looks at Comic Sans*
  • Hehehe thanks for the feedback! Tough crowd to please I guess ;):D.
    The font is not that good I agree, actually one of the first decent ones I came up with looking through the list. Wanted to look for another one but kinda forgot about it :o.
    I like to keep it clean and simple, so right about that! I threw in the CD ROM badge and Telltale logo just for fun, also planned on putting in an 18+ age classification :D but forgot about that as well.

    If other people have better ideas or maybe tried something similar post them in here so people can choose which one to use? I am definately not a graphic artist or something but I am sure there are more experienced people around? So let's see them! ;)

    Cheers all!
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