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Forum:Possible problem with the preview function

posted by glo_kidd on - last edited - Viewed by 592 users
Hi guys
I had just attemped to write this incredibly long post about the term "mature" and how its mis-applied to 17+ games. Unfortunately the entire post was lost when the preview button lead me to a white screen :( im intending to re-write it eventually but after working for an hour on it only to have it lost to internet obscurity is admittedly a little discouraging.
Basically i just thought i should let you know in case its an actual issue
Thanks again for the great games, you guys rock :D
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  • Hmmm.... after retrying i seem to get the same affect. this time i just tried to post the thread instead of previewing it first and i got the same white screen.

    Strange... this has happened on two different computers now

    EDIT: wierd... theres no problem posting here though

    EDITx2: managed to get it posted, thanks anyways :D
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    If you're going to write a long post, try putting it on Notepad or in a Word Document and then copying from there. That way it'll be saved somewhere. :)
  • yeah, thats what i usually do, but this time i got in a bit of a rush :(
  • What browser are you using?
  • Hi Emily :D

    I use firefox on this (sort of a work comp) and 1.9.*.* on my home PC (im not sure of the actual version number for that one at the moment).

    Ive never really had any other problems with the site ( other than having my account email being different than my paypal one, but thats really my silly mistake :) )
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