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Hector - Episode 3 Bug?!

posted by Roemer on - Viewed by 177 users

i tried this 2 times and do it a third time by using a Video Walkthrough!

In Clappers Fest i want to get this "Need fix" Sign from the "Regurgitator".
I talked to the Guy and leave the Place. Make Lampard an very ugly Person in the Tunel of...whatever and then i moved back to "the regurgitator" but the Guy won´t move behind the Regurgitator and sniff some snow with the Fix-man.

get the cake - give it to filthy rich - make lampard ugly - leave the place instantly back to the reguritator - the snow sniffer won´t move away! each time! :-/

What goes wrong? Is it a Gamebraking bug?

I use the Steamversion for win7 x64

E: next step is to reinstall the Game. I´ll report later...

EE: i´d find out what happend! It´s not the Games fault ;D obviously it was my fault...

please erase this thread!
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