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Order cancellation question

posted by Danny_HR on - last edited - Viewed by 423 users
Hey everyone,
can i just get a confirmation that i can still cancell my The Walking Dead preorder?

Back when i bought it i didn't know it would be available on Steam, and i would like to get it there so i have it at the same place as most of my other games.

I have tryed e-mailing but no answer still, which is understandable because of the release day rush. I would just like an answer if it can be done so i don't end up buying 2 copies of the game.

Thanks in advance.
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  • Can i please get some answer on this?
  • I would like to know that, too.
  • It's a really simple question with a simple answer.
    "Yes, you can still cancell the order" or "No, you cannot cancell your order anymore".

    Funny thing is, people that can answer this are probabbly online here, lurking around.

    I am not frustrated because the game is late, i won't be able to play it untill tomorrow anyways. The thing that bothers me is that i cannot get a simple answer so i can act accordingly.
  • The reason you can't get a simple answer is that the people who can give a correct answer are probably all busy right now. I could take a guess based on my experience as a regular on this forum but that would only be a guess on my part.
  • Too busy to provide an answer that takes a few seconds?

    To be clear here, i am not asking a refund right this minute, i am only asking for information if i can ask for cancellation so i can start the process and buy the game elsewhere.

    You can't say they dont have enough time to provide me with that answer.

    I wouldn't be so eager if i was sure that i won't get the "buzz off" treatment once the game is out.
  • You'd be surprised. Also not everyone there will be qualified to answer a question like that, it'd have to come from a customer support guy or someone like that. The art guys and programmers and the like might be able to guess as well as I can but they aren't able to give official answers to those types of questions.

    But from my experience of seeing threads with people requesting refunds is that they are reasonable. I don't think there would be a problem with getting a refund provided you don't activate the Telltale version of the game (when it's released).

    It might be helpful to send them an e-mail (to [email][/email]) with your request and details and so open up an official support ticket with which you can refer to on here without having to share those details publicly.
  • Will do, cheers.

    Still would be nice to get an official answer here. I won't be activating the TT version anyways.
  • Apparently, we all got Steam keys now. Ignore this thread.

    Thank you TellTale.
  • Sorry if you didn't get an email reply. I'm backed up with them right now and getting caught up as quickly as I can.
  • No problem. It's all pretty much sorted now. I got the Steam key which is what i wanted in the first place.

    Sorry to be a pain too, just, i didn't want to end up buying 2 copies for no reason.
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