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Bought but cant get it!!!!

posted by tholo on - last edited - Viewed by 277 users
I bought the Pre Sale The Walking Dead Game and I dont know how to get my copy?

Ive checked my account and it shows that I bought it, but...

How to I GET it?? I was never asked what platform (PS3 btw)?

Dont I need a code?

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    Macfly77 Moderator
    Games bought from the Telltale Store are only available for PC/Mac.
    As of the writing of this post, the first episode is not yet available for download from the Telltale website.
    The PS3 version can be purchased on the Playstation Store.
  • If you bought it on this website, I'm sorry to say that you bought the PC/Mac version. If you want to get it on your PS3, then you need to buy it through the PSN.

    As to how to download it, they still haven't made it available to download on this site, for whatever reason.
  • Order #600149963585814 | Placed March 31, 2012

    Placed my order early before it was available on Steam, they released it at 12:01AM EST last night I believe? I still can not access it no download link.

    This is ridiculous, if I do not have access to the game within 4 hours from this site I request a full refund and I will go to Steam and purchase it from them because they obviously have their customers in mind. There is no update on why it is not available, there is no update on anything related to this game. I am so disappointed in TellTale. Please view my email "Your Telltale support issue has been received [issue-58331]"

    Refund my money or make the game available, easy enough.
  • I just attempted to reach Customer Support and no one answers. So I attempted to reach the CEO since no one seems to care about what happens when a game is promised to release on a certain date, he was unavailable as well.

    I work in customer service and if I do not receive a response on here or by phone within a very tight time frame I plan to leave the CEO a very nice voicemail regarding his team and the support they are providing.
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