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Sam and Max 1 crash soon after startup

posted by tristenkw5 on - last edited - Viewed by 493 users
I downloaded Sam and Max 1, and after the title "Culture Shock" comes up, it freezes there, the error message 'Unable to create audio buffer' pops up, and windows tells me it performed an illegal operation, and it closes. Well, it did the first time. When I try again, it just crashes in the same place without the error alert or anything.
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    Try rebooting. If the problem persists check if you have disabled hardware acceleration on the DirectX Sound tab in DirectX Config. If you enable it, check if the new acceleration level work!
  • Thanks, I just had to reboot. Game works now (although I can't even try to play it with the lack of RAM I have).
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    Glad you solved your problem.

    About the RAM: you should upgrade your RAM to at least 512MB. Not only you'll be able to run the game, Windows will run better.
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