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Need Inverted Controls Option

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I am not sure what is wrong with my brain but I have to be able to invert the up/down settings on video games. I am sure there are many others like me who push up on the right stick and expect the cursor to plummet to the bottom of the screen and if it doesn't, we pause our brand new game and fix this in the options menu. Some of you may go further and actually look for this option before even launching the game. So why is it that The Walking Dead game does not have this simple option?
Does Telltale not understand how crippling not having this option is to someone like me? I watched all the trailers and the "Playing Dead" episodes before trying the demo. I was blown away by the whole concept only to be left deflated when I assumed control of Lee and couldn't maneuver him properly. I kept thinking "uh oh, what's going to happen when I have to fend off a zombie in a split second?" Sure enough I found my self frantically focusing on the controls instead of frantically focusing on Lee's survival.
I see the potential and to me the game looks and feels stunning. It is truly a comic book brought to life but instead of being immersed in the beautifully crafted world I am all consumed in trying to make the cursor go where I desperately want it to go. So, please Telltale, if you are reading this, please put in a simple patch to fix this huge issue for those of us that are "axis challenged". I want to love playing this game as much as you loved making it. Please....
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  • Add me to the list. It's complete garbage that a game is released in 2012 without a mouse invert option or key remapping options. I feel completely ripped off here.
  • I think of it as an upside-down T, where the camera/body/vehicle stays at the plane of the crossbar. You move the trunk forward and the crossbar tilts forward. This brings the nose of the plane (not airplane, but it is still applicable) down, along with your line of sight. Pull back and the nose comes up, raising your sight.

    That head explanation was great, spdiscus.
  • +1 to those asking for an inverted option. I can't imagine it would be too hard to patch, or at least add to the later chapters. Other than this one issue, great game. Keep it up.
  • Another player in need of an inverted option. Can't (won't) play until this is fixed. Bummer :(
  • I too registered in the forum just to post that inverted control options are needed. My wife and I read the walking dead comics, watch the show and I was looking forward to this game. Because of my respect and love of the source material and belief telltale would handle the game well I didn't even try the demo and bought the first episode. My wife tried it first and got so frustrated with the controls and kept dying that she said she won't play it anymore. Her and I always use inverted controls. I too was frustrated but I wanted to play at least once to follow the story. I am surprised that there is no invert option for up and down. I guess I take invert option in games for granted and assumed it would be an option in this game. I hope there can be a patch made for this so my wife will play through it. I like the story and graphics and approach so far, but the controls are keeping my wife, and it looks like others, away from playing the game on the xbox. I'll wait and see about a patch and/or invert as an option for the future episodes before I buy them.
  • Like many of you, I created an account here just to help this issue get noticed. I really REALLY want to keep playing this, but the lack of inverted look controls totally broke the experience for me!

    I bought the season pass right away, so here's to hoping this gets patched in at some point. Hopefully sooner than later.
  • i cant remember what game it was that forced me to learn inverted controls, but ive been playing this way for over 10 years now. i try and play normal every once in a while, but in high-stress moments, i always revert back to inverted, and often die as a result. i cant play this game

    sidenote: i joined only to post this. if inverted controls dont make an appearance, i wont be purchasing the rest of the episodes. guaranteed.
  • I always invert the controls and was disapointed that they weren't in the options menu but I adapted quickly with this, inverted controls next ep. would be great.
  • This is fu#$#$ ridiculous. I just wasted 20 bucks on the season pass for ps3, and just noticed there is no option for that. WHAT THE HELL?? What kind of company is that?? amateurs.

    Are you "developers" planning to add this in the next update? Someone needs to come to this thread and update us.
    I bought this based on IGN review, but they did not mention about the lack of invert controls. you need to fix that.
  • Ya know, I understand the frustration... but calling people names? Is that really the way to get something done? :/
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