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When does TWD video game come out on Xbox 360?

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When does TWD video game come out on Xbox 360? I find it unfair that it came out on everything but the Xbox 360 today. :(
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  • Hope it comes out for u guys soon it is a great game but let us ps3 guys/girls have our moment we never get anything first so remember patience is a virtue !
  • I know what you mean, but I highly doubt TellTale Games is to blame. Microsoft is somewhat infamous for their "approval process" of XBL Arcade Games, DLC, and what not.

    Now, there is a tiny shred of hope if you would like to believe the information on this page which says:


    Though who knows if that is official or not...
  • It's ridiculous. Our release date is still LATE APRIL! I hope these rumors of it being released tomorrow (Apr. 25th) are true.
  • same. I too would like to know when XBLA will release TWD.
  • it maybe later today or even 26th but other than that i think 27th or 30th
  • I guess the April 25th rumor was false. That's rather disappointing. I was really looking forward to this month because it meant 2 walking dead titles (this one and the Facebook one), and neither have been released for Xbox and Facebook respectively. I'm sure the fault could be Microsoft, but it still sucks not knowing what day it will come out.

    I'm fine with waiting, but I want to know how long I will have to wait. I like to plan my days and I have to plan when I can play games as I have a busy schedule. Not knowing when it will be released and it seems we will never get a solid release date is very bothersome. This game better blow my mind when/if it comes out.
  • Yeah, I think todays window has passed. XBLA usually releases around 7am eastern. Plus, I doubt they'd release a game without giving a release date. I'm assuming next Tues. or Wed. Really, disappointing.
  • Does seem a bit odd that the pc has it, the ps3 has it, yet nobody has really mentioned the xbox officially...
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