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Buying The Walking Dead and the Almost Everything Pack

posted by Spidus on - last edited - Viewed by 509 users
I would like to buy it, but I have some doubts:

1- Both packs are fully downloadable? If not, how much will it cost to send to Brazil?
2- Are they for MAC or PC?
3- The walking dead game is just the first episode or the season pass?
4-These packs will be delivered through Steam or through telltale site?
5-Is the walking dead season pass available on steam?
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    Macfly77 Moderator
    1 - Both packs are fully downloadable. Additionally, you can order discs for all seasons of Sam & Max (only season 3 has the Mac version), Strong Bad (PC version only) and Back to the Future for just the cost of shipping once you've purchased the Almost Everything pack.
    To figure out the shipping costs to Brazil, you can add those discs in your shopping cart and enter your shipping address (you will not be charged if you don't complete the checkout process).

    2 - Sam & Max Season 1: PC only; everything else: Mac & PC.

    3 - The Walking Dead is a full season pass.

    4 - The packs can only be downloaded from the Telltale website.

    5 - The Walking Dead season pass is available on Steam (but the Almost Everything pack isn't).
  • If you are running Mac, I would be hesitant to buy the package. I bought it on saturday, and have been completely unable to play any of the games, due to some kind of problem with game launching and/or authorization. Telltale has hasn't provided much support, even after my numerous emails and forum posts.

    If I get a fix for my problem, I'll try to update this forum, if I remember.
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