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Freddy Pharkas Series

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Since telltalegames has brought back sam and max an old favorite. I wonder if they will ever plan to bring back Freddy Pharkas. It was an old favorite of mine and i actually own a copy of Freddy Pharkas frontier pharmacist on windows cdrom that i still play from time to time.

anyone else here remember this game? if so maybe we can talk telltalegames into making a series.
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  • I dunno, they'd have to talk with Al Lowe and Sierra about that I guess.
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    Jennifer Moderator
    Freddy Pharcas was one of those games that is so well made, that it stands perfectly it's own. It doesn't need a sequel.

    But much like I don't want a Grim Fandango sequel for the same reason, I wouldn't mind a game in the same setting.
  • It's a great game.. I've owned the CD ROM version for years now but only in that small, ugly Sierra classics box. So I recently bought the floppy version on eBay in the big, cool box it was originally released in :cool:

    I don't think this game really needs a sequel though.. in the very least, I think they'd have to get Al Lowe on the team.

    Not a lot of people are aware of this game anymore either so it might be just as good to start a brand new series instead.
  • I have the cdroom game of Freddy. Pretty good and those who do not know, he is voiced by Cam Clarke, who voiced the 90's TMNT leonard and he-man/prince adam in the recent he-man cartoon.
  • I feel the same way with LSL Magna Cum Laude. I don't think they should make a sequel after that even if people don't like the game. I think the ending where Larry ends up with that one nerdy chick is a good ending and doesn't require another game. I mean give the guy a break. Personally, the game is hilarious and the storyline is cool.
  • "Freddy, Freddy Pharkas. Peerless, Earless, and Free!" I recently replayed the game only to be reminded how much I love it! It really is a one off orginal. Maybe some kind souls give us a remake with better graphics?

    I'd love it if telltale would make an orginal game in a similar setting. Is Al Emo anything like Freddy?

    Telltale sould make an orignal lisence free game. Just imagine what a telltale original would be like :)
  • Great game, my favourite from Sierra, no doubt about it. Its humor could be brought to life again by Telltale but, as in every Sierra game, it was an important fact that you could die a shameful number of times.
    I don't think it's in Telltale's game philosophy to make a game where you can die everytime, as I don't think Pharkas would be as funny as the original without the risk of dying.
  • Talked to al lowe himself. He said he would LOVE to do another freddy and in fact it was in the works before he and others got "the boot". Id say its HIGHLY probable that we will see another in this series... least thats what I hope. And yes I can really see telltale making it but this will be the same struggle for rights with sierra as purcell had with lucasarts im thinking. Ill have to ask al if he actually got the rights back yet or not.... hmm. Anyway look on the brightside and hope what I say comes to be.
    I loved freddy :P

    PS All the old sierra games made it wondrous when you died, esp the space quest series. Some of the most humorous deaths in the industry came from good ole sierra. Its a classic trademark.
  • Freddy was pretty good. I was somewhat suprised that his girlfriend was really the main villain in the game. I also love how the game made fun of stereotypes in old western films such as having Freddy's sidekick being an eastern indian, the real native american guy (the one who is in front of the store) being political aware of the white man's injustice to his people, and having the chinese cook being a non stereotypical asian guy but acts like one because of the job description. Man, I love Al for adding stuff like that in his games.

    From all this talk, I guess I have to dig up my old copy of the game and replay it. Fournately, I forgot most of the puzzles because of time, though I still remember the beer can opener one; I was stuck on that for years till I let my cousins borrow it and showed me where to get it.
  • Freddy Pharkas is one of the few I haven't played yet, but judging by the concensus of quality, I'll have to find a copy.
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