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Historically, how long is the wait between PC release and ipad?

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I don't mean to add more fuel to the fire as I am new, i was just curious how long it'll be (ballpark figure) till it reaches Ipad.

I bought an Ipad specifically for TWD so im super excited now!:D

:Maybe i wasn't quite specific before, the question I am asking is in previous TTG releases how long have they taken to go from PC to Ipad/Iphone respectively?
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  • bump.

    just trying to find out when to prepare for it.:confused:
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    The question can't be answered properly. Not enough data for proper statistics here. Only very few of Telltale's games were released on iPad on their original release. Games like Tales of Monkey Island were released YEARS after the PC. Judging only from Back to the Future, you could assume it's two months... but seriously, don't fall for that. Just have a little patience. ;)
  • Ah ok, im pretty new to telltale and im working my way back through the catalogue.

    I can't be patient, I think im gonna have to purchase it on PC while i wait!
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