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PS3 Pre-order Download Won't Work

posted by drfilmbuzz on - last edited - Viewed by 662 users
I preordered The Walking Dead game through Gamestop. Got my download code yesterday, punched it in, downloaded and installed episode 1, but the game does not show up anywhere. This is really frustrating as I have waited weeks for this game, paid for it, and now I can't play it the day it was released.

I tried again today to download and install the game, it will do that, but the game is nowhere to be found on my PS3. Is anyone else having this problem?
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  • I also emailed telltale and they have NOT responded, nor do they have a phone number that I can find to call and at least speak to someone.
  • you need to download the DEMO first, then the "episode one" unlock will work. this is why it is not showing up, the demo holds all the data for the game. the unlock simply allows the demo to be fully functional.
  • Thank you for your quick response. Next time make the instructions more clear; I did exactly what I was told, and did not get the game. The instructions you just gave me was not what I was originally instructed to do.
  • This was an unfortunate mistake in how the Gamestop pre-order product was set up. We identified it yesterday and it should hopefully be corrected by now. Apologies for the confusion.
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