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    Speaking as someone from Europe (.be) without having English as a first language, I can only say: Serves you right!

    Europe has forever been stuck waiting on entertainment titles, both games and movies, because some countries insist on the horrible practice of voice overs/dubbing. A work of art should never be changed in such a way that it completely changes the work. Anyone who ever watched one of those horrible french or german dubbed Hollywood movies should agree with me. So if a company chooses to skip that horrible practice I can only applaud them for it. People who are too stupid to read subtitles are not worth considering. This goes for americans too who refuse to watch foreign movies because they're expected to read...

    That's not to say TT is pretty much screwing over non-US customers. Subtitles in some more languages would be nice of course, but since this is not a game aimed at children, I think they can expect adults to be able to read English. Not supporting non-querty keyboards is far worse. And telling people that is 'by design' and blocking people from providing foreign subtitles is just being a dick to your customers...
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    Most people I have encountered who aren't too fond of subtitles like to stick their gaze to what is actually happening on the screen instead of some text at the bottom. And these are seldom "stupid" people.

    You obviously do not understand the principles of localization, neither from a financial nor from a communicative standpoint - which is OK, but sadly makes you rather unfit for this discussion. I am very happy for you that you obviously understand enough English to play Telltale's games with delight, but your attitude towards anyone who does not have that level of language proficiency is woeful to say the least. Try to avoid insulting people with a differing opinion, I hate those post reports.

    The fan might be of the opinion that the subtitles he provides in his language are a great service to the company. Unfortunately, they're not. They are effectively telling the company that providing professional subtitles themselves won't pay off in the long run. They are effectively telling sub-contracting publishers in other countries that providing a fully localized retail version might not pay off as well. And that's not even the reason why it's impossible to advertise fan subtitles on this forum.
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    kekinoux wrote: »
    Bonsoir, je viens poster un petit message içi pour montrer mon mécontentement sur la sortie de The Walking Dead le jeu sans une version VOSTFR !

    C'est vraiment un manque de considération pour les fans qui vivent en France, Espagne et Allemagne (et les autres).

    Le cout pour faire des sous titres est largement réduit comparé a de la VF, sans parler des Fansub que l'on peut trouver sur le net ... même des amateurs (voir juste fan) prennent le temps de proposer des sous titres pour partager leurs passions.

    Je ne dis pas que tout est simple, tout est gratuit mais un minimum d'effort aurait été apprécié par les fans de The Walking Dead.


    Good evening, I just post a little message here to show my displeasure with the release of The Walking Dead version of the game without VOSTFR!

    It's really a lack of consideration for fans who live in France, Spain and Germany (and other).

    The cost for subtitles is greatly reduced compared to the VF, not to mention Fansub which can be found on the net ... even amateurs (see just a fan) take the time to provide subtitles to share their passions.

    I'm not saying that everything is simple, everything is free but a minimum of effort would have been appreciated by fans of The Walking Dead.


    So your pretty much saying that since a game is made the USA that fans in the USA should wait in line for the game to be ready for fans who live in France, Spain and Germany (and other)?

    Not to be mean but you should be excited that the TT company is going to market the game world wide. But your just asking for trouble bitching online because game is not ready in a alternate language at the same time the english version is....
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    Bonjour l'équipe Telltale,
    On veut le jeu sous-titré en français !
    Vous voulez qu'on achète ? Sous-titrez !
    J'ai acheté tous les épisodes de Sam&Max sur Xbox parce qu'ils étaient sous-titrés, faites l'effort pour Walking Dead vous en vendrez plus... Merci.

    Un jouer mécontent :mad:
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    T0mBa wrote: »
    Not supporting non-querty keyboards is far worse.

    I myself have an azerty layout. It can be easily solved: open the Control Panel, click on the Region & Language icon then select Keyboards & Languages tab, and select the default input language: English (US)

    Start game

    Set it back to original layout when done playing.
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    Hello, first of all I hope not to have the wrong section, and excuse me if I'm wrong. I opened this thread to get some explanation. Why programmers The Walking Dead Episode why they have not created a patch sub italy? I speak on Behalf of many Italians who can not enjoy this wonderful game Because they do not understand Inglese, and for this reason they can not buy.So I appeal to programmers, and answer me this question, why not release a patch with sub italy ? I think if you do, there will be other fans to follow. :)
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    Ce jeu serait absolument genial (surtout pour un fan) si des sous titres français existait. Mais là, il est juste très frustrant (je ne suis pas très bon en anglais, et les sous titres restent affichés trop brievement).
    S'il vous plait, please, faites des sous titres français (et gratuits). Merci, thanks. :rolleyes:
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    I don't see the deal tbh. Sure some subtitles in major languages (Spanish, French, German, Russian) would have been nice but it would take forever and the episodes would be delayed even more... so no.

    The game is clearly listed in steam etc. with only english as language and subtitles. If you don't speak nor read English then don't buy the game. Or don't complain! Personally I am not a native speaker myself but my education is good enough to speak, read and talk English near perfection. So, if you have any kind of education in any of the named countries, chances are high you will understand the huge majority of the text or language in the game. If not, you might want to invest that $25 into a language course instead.
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    Je ne demande pas grand chose juste des subtitle fr pour PS3 .
    Il faut signer les gars on sait jamais.
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    There are no official spanish subtitles neither, and fan ones sucks as hell .
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    There will be walking dead with subtitles (or texts) in Spanish? :( Someday?
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    Sorry man, English only.
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    I'd like to see more subtitle translations in game, but the game is really easy to understand, even without english subtitles.
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    Saldran textos en español para el pack fisico?(5 episodios) yo se ingles (la mayoria) pero no es divertido si todos los que te ven jugar no entienden nada :/
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    I'm pretty sure It won't. English language is ... Eveyrwhere. Just learn English and you're good to go. Not too hard, I learned it in a short time by watching cartoons.

    ...Ah, Those days.
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    I'm 18 years old and I come from Poland. But I don't have a lot of problems with understanding this game. Dialogs are simply and I don't need polish dubbing or subtitles. If you really want to play this game - you will read subtitles with care and understand this.
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    Salve a tutti! Wow... vedo che ci sono un sacco di francesi ma pochissimi italiani! In ogni caso, in molti sanno che proprio Italia e Spagna c'è un'incredibile tradizione di doppiatori, infatti in Italia non esiste un prodotto straniero che non sia sta doppiato. Secondo me è molto meglio che questo videogioco non sia stato doppiato in italiano, Dave Fennoy ha fatto un ottimo lavoro e farlo doppiare da qualcun altro (per quanto bravo possa essere) diminuirebbe un sacco il suo personaggio... anche se in effetti una schermata in italiano e dei sottotitoli non guasterebbero...

    Hello everyone! Jeez... i can see a lot of french people but just a few italians in here! However, i don't think everybody knows that Italy and Spain have a great tradition of dubbing: movies, tv series, video games... everything is dubbed in our countries! Because of that, we have a lot of great voice actors that always make their character look awesome! But... in this case i'm happy that this product wasn't dubbed. Infact Dave Fennoy and the others made an excellent job, i don't want someone else to replace their voices. Otherwise... subtitles in italian are welcome!
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    Rest assured, we have a LOT of Italians here. ;)
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    Meglio cosi....i denari buoni sono stati presi in anticipo.Ed in cambio?Puntate col contagocce e niente sottotitoli...in piu la discutibilissima scelta dei dialoghi in qte....cosicche non riesci neanche a leggere bene.
    Caro amico,rispetto per il giocatore zero,in cambio dei miei soldi avranno una pubblicità negativa,ed una naturale diffidenza per altri prodotti TT...vale la pena per non mettere due SOTTOTITOLI che ormai non si negano piu neppure alle produzioni piu sgangherate? Peccato.

    Ps:Non sono una voce isolata....riflettiamoci su anche in termini commerciali....
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    For get the french subtitle, you may search on google ( walking dead patch fr )
    and click the 1rst link....
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    Bonjour comme beaucoup d'autres je me suis jeté sur le jeu sans me douter qu'il n'était méme pas sous titré en français. Impossible de me faire rembourser le jeu pour PS3 téléchargé sur le PlayStation network a 20€. Merci de proposer un partch de sous titre français ce serait sympa car mon niveau en anglais (limité) ne me permet pas de pouvoir y jouer.

    Merci par avance.
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    Bonjour, je vais aussi m'exprimé en français et le traduire par google.

    Bref, j'ai acheter le jeu hier, j'ai bien réussi à placer la traduction FR pour l'épisode 1 réaliser pour une petite équipe que je remercie, mais en revanche pour ce qui est des autres épisodes, impossible de les avoir en FR, le fichier de traduction est effacer automatiquement. (je ne suis pas sur steam).

    Alors voilà, si j'avais su que le jeu était une version béta et non finalisé je ne l'aurais pas acheter, je suis franchement déçu de perdre de l'argent comme ça, je ne parle pas anglais et je pensais l'avoir avec au moins les sous titres en FR.

    Donc en résumer, ce jeu est une honte et n'aurait pas du voir le jour en France (ou alors traduit comme il se doit et finalisée), voilà, alors à l'équipe de Telltale lorsque vous exportez des jeux, pensez aux traductions, ce serait pas mal car la, c'est zéro.

    PS : je ne suis pas prét d'acheter à nouveau un jeu venant de votre société.

    Hello, I am also expressed in French and translated by google.

    Anyway, I buy the game yesterday, I have managed to put the translation for episode 1 EN to achieve a small team that I thank, but in contrast to what other episodes, can not have them FR, the translation file is automatically deleted. (I'm not on steam).

    So now, if I knew that the game was a beta version and not finalized I would not buy it, I am frankly disappointed to lose money like that, I do not speak English and I thought I had with at least the subtitles FR.

    So to summarize, this game is a disgrace and should not have come into being in France (or so it should be translated and finalized), that, while the team when you export Telltale games, think about translations it would not hurt because it is zero.

    PS: I'm not ready to buy a game again from your company.
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    Oui sa serai bien d'avoir des nouvelles, car la ça commence être long............
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    Bonjour tlm,

    Et voila, je me suis fait avoir moi aussi. Je viens tout juste d'acheter le jeu et je me rend compte qu'il y a pas de traduction française. Et les version non-officiel ne foctionne qua moitié. Serieux, Telltale game je suis déçu, puisque je ne vais même pa sjouer au jeu que j'ai acheter sur votre site et je vois avec le forum que sa fait longtemps qu'il y a du monde qui se plein et que vous ne faite rien. Faut croire que vous epnser juste au profit .... bref, UN GROS 0 POUR TELLTALE GAME !!!!!
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    bonjour est ce que le patch vostfr pour walking dead ps3 va sortir car ça fait 8 mois que j ai le jeu et etant nul en anglais je n y joue pas j ai un pote qui la eu sur xbox 360 a moins que ce soit une exclue microsoft j ai l impression de m etre fait joliment avoir merçi de la part de tout les français qui on achetè votre jeu on vois bien que pour vous nous ne sommes rien pourt ma part je n acheterai plus jamais un devos jeux a bonne entendeur

    awhen a subtitle french walking dead for ps3 quand des sous titre french pour walking dead ps3
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