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A decision that should have mattered but didn't (spoiler)

posted by Voyrin on - last edited - Viewed by 3.2K users
Ok so i finished the game twice. one i saved doug and the other i saved the lady.

So the point here is that in one I gave the lady the gun to kill herself, and she did. It was cool. The other I didnt give it to her, we fell and she shot herself and zombies came after us.

when we are done with the episode i thought we couldn't go back to the motel because of the incident and the place was overrun by zombies. But we still went there.

And in the first it was Ok to go to the motel as we killed all the zombies there and no zombies came after us when she shot herself.

so it didn't matter if we gave her the gun or not, when it should have

Feel me?

Edit: Sorry about the title, supposed to be "A decision that should have mattered but didn't"
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  • I reckon the zombies weren't there because they followed the car and when the car was out if sight, they just kept walking.
  • Yea, when kenny saved me at the end (in my first play through) he called me an asshole because i told him to reason with larry.
    In my second one, he saved me and called me his friend. And basically I owe him my life now.

    (when I made this topic I started with another playthrough)
    But after my 3rd try I realized.... WTF happened at the end! Lilly, Larry and Glen did nothing when the zombies were coming in.

    Glen was supposed to make sure everyone got out safely (but he left us alone)
    Lilly went to help her dad (But he seemed fine when he punched me)
    Larry was just Larry. ( I know he had a heart condition, but still)

    I know TTG wants us to experience having to choose between 2 people, but that's just not cool.

    Why didn't we all just go to the office and close the door. Having to cover 1 door is easier than covering a big door and 2 windows.(If I'm not mistaken)
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    Helped out a little with the thread title there. OK that way, Voyrin?
  • Thanks bro! That's great!
  • Anyone notice the pile of zombies that Clem was looking at? They cleared out the zombies. Nothing was overlooked as far as the motel was concerned.

    EDIT: As far as giving Irene the gun, the decisions you make could also affect Lee. You could shape him into a hard character like Rick or Michonne or as someone clinging to old civilization like Hershel or Glenn.(Both TV or comic comparisons work.)

    So you shoot her/give her the gun allow you to step up to be the executor later in the story. You refuse and you're taken for the type of guy who wouldn't do such a thing.

    The example i've seen of this in this Episode is that if you're honest enough, you have the opportunity to tell Clem that her parents are dead. On my "evil" playthrough, I wasn't able to tell her which I really wanted to.

    Course if i'm wrong, then the way your decisions will be transferred will be "Glenn told me..."
  • You're right! I just assumed those were the ones from early, but it's definitely possible that with a whole group, a car and some weapons, they could have cleared out any new ones fairly easily.
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