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[WD] Lost save-files

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My savefiles are just... lost.

I played through the entire episode earlier today. I continued from a savefile from yesterday. Worked like a charm.

When i sat down just now to play through the game again, a second time, to make other decisions i wanted to start from a new save file but i found out that my old was gone.

This was all done from the same computer. I haven't installed the game on any other machine.

I'm really bummed out because the decisions i made in the first save file are the ones i want to continue episode 2 with. And what happens if this happens again? What if i loose my save file when i have completed episode 4??!?!?!?

Has this happened to anyone else and how do i fix this?

Edit: when i started the walking dead game i was also starting up diablo 3. I got some errors about direct 3d from walking dead game and when i restarted the game it started in windowed mode 1024x768 so my settings where reset. this was just before i found out that the save files where missing.

Edit: im unable to reproduce this now. but i think i started diablo 3 first. is it possible that this is some racecondition that caused the walking dead game to fail to sync to steam cloud and reset its settings and save files? the windowed thing is weird though, i dont remember that being standard...
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  • Slight variation worked for me (Thanks Siezemore for your info)

    I'd lost my saves halfway through Ep. 2 after the game suddenly began crashing on startup and I changed Compatibility settings to get it to run (as per another posts suggestion - I think this is what messes up the saves)

    Same as above method but started a new game with ep 2, generated random choices and quit when it got through the intro
    Used this save as the basis for the Timestamp fix - fired up walking dead and all worked OK

    (I did untick "Compatibility Mode" on the .exe first so it was exactly how I ran it originally, before it started crashing - I think this is important too)
  • How can I make this work on my mac? Would really appreciate some kind of a response, it'd be great to get my old saves working, I still have them.
  • The above fix seems to work for everyone except me.
  • I'm sorry, I don't know a thing about mac. The only tip I can give you is to try and trick your PC or Mac into thinking that your old save is a new one that it recognizes.
  • The fix seems far too complicated to follow for me. If the fix cannot be made simple or TellTale can't be bothered fixing the problem theirselves I will probably end up uninstalling this game and never playing a TellTale game again. The experience on Jurassic Park was bad enough.
  • Siezemore wrote: »
    I'm sorry, I don't know a thing about mac. The only tip I can give you is to try and trick your PC or Mac into thinking that your old save is a new one that it recognizes.

    I deleted every possible save and replaced it with all new ones just as you said, but the game still insists I am where the temporary save file left off.

    Is there an autosave that isn't in the Telltale folder? Even when I put my old saves in the folder, it loads up something on Episode 1 just after the car crash.
  • I'm at the point where it's less work just to replay all my work rather then try fucking around with all this bullshit. I just wish somebody from telltale would comment/help with this.
  • Hi,

    I got the same problem after ep3 and this is how I resolved it. I'm using steam in win7/64. I hope this works for you too.

    1. Copy your savefiles the whole Telltale Games folder to desktop.

    2. Uninstall the game.

    3. Run RegClean or something like that program and delete all Telltale games reg files or Walking dead files.

    4. Find every Talltale games folder and delete them from my documents (I did find 2 actully from different places) Using Search will help you. But do not delete copyed folder from desktop.

    5. Install the game.

    6. If game wont start run it as win98 / ME compatibility mode.

    7. Start the game and shut it.

    8. Now there should be Telltale Games folder at my documents. Copy your backup folder from desktop to documents folder and over write it if possible.

    9. Start the game again. Press paly and if you dont have your save files there (i didnt) shut the game.

    10. Now go documents folder and now there should be 2 Telltale games folders. In one Telltale games folder there should be your savefiles under "The Walking Dead" folder and another Telltale games folder should have "the walking dead" folder what game greated after last startup.

    11. Copy all files from "The Walking Dead" folder to "the walking dead" folder and delete old Telltale Games folder where is The Walking Dead folder completly.

    12. Start the game. Now your resolution, settings and savegames should be there and working correctly.

    This is how I get my game working.
  • Siezemore wrote: »
    So I was able to recover my save-files after I had a similar problem like the threadposter. The fix takes about 5 minutes.

    What happened: Game crashed while it was starting up and when I restarted the game after the crash the game had no savefiles of my last gamesession. However, the savefiles were still present in users/my documents/telltale/The Walking dead. The game just did not recognise these files.

    What to do:

    1. Check if your 'lost' saves are still in your savesfolder (users/my documents/telltale/The Walking dead).
    2. Take a backup of this folder.
    3. Locate the savefile you want to 'unf**k'. Do this by checking the time of creation. The order the names of the savefiles suggest are not always correct. Take care to at least backup this save. Then delete the whole The walking Dead folder. The game will create a new, empty one if you start it.
    4. Start the game and play long enough to have at least one savefile created. Playing until you wake up after the car crash should do.
    5. Close the game and download SKTimeStamp ( Install the program.
    6. Now locate your NEW savefile. Again, check the creation time. DO NOT think the higher the number in the name, the newer the file is. Right click it and select properties. Select the tab Timestamps. Now do the same with the old savefile that you wish to reinstate. Now change the three timestamps of your old savefile to the exact same values as your new savefile. Click 'apply'
    7. Now name your old savefile exactly as the new one. (i.e. Save_2, if your new savefile was named save_2). Delete your new savefile and replace it with your old, now named exactly the same, savefile.
    8. start the game and get Lee killed.

    I pray that your children grow into healthy rich adults , that your water turns into gold , that your life spam reaches infinity , that your boots stomp on the broken necks of your enemies and that you have the greatest life ever .

    Because sir, I thank you !

    Now , something he didn't mention.


    For ex. you finished the first two episodes, and you finally want to start the third one and you get your saves deleted ?

    You do all this holy man told us to do but just don't start from the first episode, start the second one, change the dates and all that good stuff and replace it with your save from the second episode.

    Replacing a save from the 1st episode with a save from the 2nd or 3rd freezes the game completely.
  • I'm glad 'my' fix seems to be helping alot of people! As for my water turning in to gold: nothing yet. I've updated my post with your fix McHitman, so the fix is mentioned completely on the first page too. Nice find by the way.

    The fix of Jussiboy might do the trick too, definitly worth a try if the first fix doesn't work.

    As for the PS3 problems: I don't know what to do about that. On PC there is just more options for editing files...
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