Proper (XBox 360) controller support

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Dear Telltale Developers

I do not own a XBox 360 controller which is commonly the only supported controller by a lot of modern games, but it has been possible to use regular gamepads with such games by using the excellent x360ce compatibility layer.

However, for this to work, the game in question needs to properly implement the XBox 360 controller. This is done by linking to one of the following dlls:

From what I can see with "Process explorer", an analysis tool for executables, your games "Jurassic Park: The Game" and "The Walking Dead" instead link to "dinput8.dll" directly without ever checking for xinput.

It seems to me that your games use dinput to determine the type of controller, which would not be the proper or "official" implementation for XBox 360 controller support. More importantly, it makes it impossible for x360ce to work and for me to use a controller in your games.

By implementing this properly, you would automatically enable more people to play your games with a gamepad (even if they have to do some tinkering). Since your latest games are clearly designed around controller use and the mouse/keyboard controls being inferior, I would much prefer to use a controller myself, even if it is not an official XBox 360 controller.

Thank you and best regards
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