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The great next episode prediction thread! *SPOILERS*

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The Ep 2 preview gave a little away so we all know there will be some editions to our group, but what else will happen? Here's what I think....

First, we will have to get power restored in the motel, if it is even possible. Not often a motel will have a generator handy. We may have to try to find one, or barricade ourselves in at night.

I think the next one to die will be Carley/Doug. More a gut suspicion than anything. I don't think we will get a choice on that either. It'll just happen. Probably happen during a food hunt.

Apparently, Lilly gets pissed at Lee. I couldn't hear what she said in the preview, but my guess is her father gets killed and Lee may have had to choose between him and someone important like Kenny. (HOORAY!!! He DESERVES it, damnit!)

Duck or Katjaa will get killed too (please let it be the annoying Duck!). Kenny will have a rough time with it but what is an apocalyptic story without angst? Plenty of it to go around if you read the comics.

By the end I think we will be on our way somewhere new. I don't think the motel will last very long at all for shelter.

Let's here what the rest of you think!

Mod edit: Episode 3 predictions begin on page 9.
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  • Duck is going to lose it.
  • I see a lot of wild jumping to very specific conclusions that people can't know. Speculate on things you have evidence of, don't act like you know the specifics. I know Lilly can't die, because a crucial fact just about everyone on this forum forgets is that Lilly is a major character in the comic.
  • This whole Senator murder thing is so anonymous. I wonder if in future episodes, the Senator ever gets a name... or if Lee's wife is still alive and we meet her... or if we at least get something like a newspaper article about what Lee has done. Something that makes his crime RELEVANT to the new reality of the zombie apocalypse.
    That is because it doesn't really need clarification. The whole murder thing does exactly one thing... it puts Lee in a hopeless situation.

    He can either live as a free man in a zombie apocalypse, or face his charges in case things would be resolved. Not a great situation to be in I guess...

    Not saying I would mind to see more about that murder case of his though. :cool:
  • Nobody knows that Lily Can't die. "Canon will not protect you" besides this could be it's own universe.
  • I would like to see a scene where Katjaa dies and returns, and Duck is forced to shoot her. Seems a bit unrealistic, but I would like seeing Duck being usefull somehow.

    As far as I can tell, he could be useful as Walker bait or a distraction, that's about it. Apart from that, he does seem to be a genuinely useless liability to the group, it's why I'm hoping TTG doesn't nullify our choice again if another Shawn/Duck dilemna happens. Given that Shawn apparently needed to die anyway, I actually would've been happier if both ended up dying if you chose Shawn, since then the decision has actual consequences.

    I'd certainly be willing to change my opinion, if there was a reason to, but as it stands he's the only member of the group that's been completely useless. Everybody else, love them or hate them, has demonstrated some utility to the group. It's why he's at the absolute bottom of my priority list of who to save, he's dead weight the group shouldn't have to pull.
  • Ducks fake death is just to sucker people into thinking he can't die
  • Let me lay episode 3 out for you.

    Kenny and Lee are looking for food in Macon and find it's been picked clean. They find a little food and get chased off by zombies. Back at the motor inn Lilly and Kenny argue again because Kenny wants to leave in the RV now that it's fixed and Lilly wants to stay because she's much more cautious. Lee can either be in favour of going or staying, but before Kenny can set off bandits will attack.

    The bandits will attack because you took out the St. Johns, their source of food, and possibly because the food from the car was theirs or because they know you took it and thus have some food worth stealing. They'll kill Doug/Carley here in order to demonstrate how dangerous the situation is, thin the group out in advance of adding new characters, and relieve the burden of writing multiple paths, and once you chase them off Lilly (and Lee, if you were against leaving) will agree with Kenny that they have to leave the motor inn.

    You then take the RV to Woodbury in order to catch a train. You will meet at least three people there, two at the train station and a third in the train yard, consisting of a black woman in a sports coat, a nondescript white man, and an older white man. The black woman appears in the episode select screen for episode 4 but you'll probably lose at least one of the new survivors by the end of the episode.

    Lilly will leave the group here no matter what you've done. Although she is no longer supposed to be the same Lilly as in the comics ever since they decided to do a backstory novel on that Lilly, the writers of this game still originally thought she was and the fact that they're passing through Woodbury is too perfect for anything less than Lilly leaving the group. It also helps thin out the group in time for the new survivors to join it.

    The last challenge will be getting the train running before zombies overrun you. The episode will end with Lee assuming leadership of the group.

    This is based off of the preview clip, the chapter headings for episode 3, and what we know about how Lilly was written regarding the comics. There are obviously some educated guesses in here, and I could hardly cite all this thoroughly enough for an academic paper, but it's a strongly grounded prediction I expect will play out.

    Additional supporting evidence includes how Duck, Katjaa, Kenny, and Ben are visible in the RV driving during the preview meaning they all survive at least as far as leaving the motor inn, Clementine obviously is alive until at least episode 5, and Lee is the main character. Only Lilly and Carley/Doug have no scenes showing them past Lilly and Kenny's argument outside the RV - hell, the gunshot could even be the bandits opening fire and hitting Doug/Carley. The bandits definitely attack the motor inn, going on that one shot of Lee popping out of cover to shoot one of them.

    The chapter headings for episode three are as follows:
    Chapter 1 - Goodbye, She Quietly Says (picking through Macon)
    Chapter 2 - Bad Blood (Lilly and Kenny argue, bandits kill someone)
    Chapter 3 - Hit The Road (getting ready to leave? fighting the bandits?)
    Chapter 4 - Woodbury Bound (Going to Woodbury)
    Chapter 5 - Rumbling Down The Track (Finding the trains)
    Chapter 6 - Can't Save 'em All (Saving the people at the train station, one of them dies)
    Chapter 7 - Tools For The Job (Fix the train so you can leave)
    Chapter 8 - Lend Me Your Ears (Julius Caesar reference, taking leadership after a death)
  • Speculation... also someones going to get their ears ripped off.
  • CapnJay wrote: »
    Speculation... also someones going to get their ears ripped off.

    Of course it's speculation. Well-grounded, reasonably concluded, and with a decent chance at being accurate.
  • Chapter 6 - Can't Save 'em All (Saving the people at the train station, one of them dies)
    I think it will be more like a group question this time, so we could decide lives of multiple people at the same time.
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