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The great next episode prediction thread! *SPOILERS*

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The Ep 2 preview gave a little away so we all know there will be some editions to our group, but what else will happen? Here's what I think....

First, we will have to get power restored in the motel, if it is even possible. Not often a motel will have a generator handy. We may have to try to find one, or barricade ourselves in at night.

I think the next one to die will be Carley/Doug. More a gut suspicion than anything. I don't think we will get a choice on that either. It'll just happen. Probably happen during a food hunt.

Apparently, Lilly gets pissed at Lee. I couldn't hear what she said in the preview, but my guess is her father gets killed and Lee may have had to choose between him and someone important like Kenny. (HOORAY!!! He DESERVES it, damnit!)

Duck or Katjaa will get killed too (please let it be the annoying Duck!). Kenny will have a rough time with it but what is an apocalyptic story without angst? Plenty of it to go around if you read the comics.

By the end I think we will be on our way somewhere new. I don't think the motel will last very long at all for shelter.

Let's here what the rest of you think!

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  • jaybreezy wrote: »
    Ummm... This is obviously taking place before she leaves for Woodbury. Isn't it possible that a choice Lee made was the reason that Lilly went to Woodbury in the first place. So, us (playing as Lee) making a different choice than what was originally made (in the comics) could in turn keep her from going to Woodbury at all, right?

    I doubt TTG would go breaking comic book canon like that.
  • Jonttu1 wrote: »
    I doubt TTG would go breaking comic book canon like that.

    Nothing is True

    Everything is Permitted
  • That scene with Clem trying to get Ben to see her drawings [I think you noticed] was a subtle way of getting Ben to not make things worse with his unwanted presence. If Ben had chimed in Larry would have punched him out.

    Yeah I agree with that.

    If Clem did like Ben I don't think she would be that "forward"
  • What if Ed wasn't bitten by some crazy guy and only like hit over the head by a crazy guy and got a concussion so both her parents or just ed was still alive making Lee obsolete.
  • Hey everybody, yesterday I stumbled upon this . I was on my phone so was able to zoom in and stuff and studied these extensively (just imagining what might happen throughout the season). Looking at the achievement name and the picture that goes with it I was able to form my own hypothesis on what might happen POSSIBLE HUGE SEASON SPOILERS. (I could be completely wrong as well):

    Episode 3: the second achievement is titled Bad Blood and in the pic it has Lilly and Kenny so most likely there's another argument between those two that you have to pick a side yada yada.
    The 4th achievement is titled Woodbury Bound and shows a pic of Lilly in a car driving away so yea she Definitely leaves midway to chapter 3 :(.
    the 6th achievement is called Cant Save 'Em All and honestly IDK what the picture shows BUT it is a silver trophy which if you followed the link seems to always happen in a major choice be it' saving someone over the other or changing alliances.
    The final achievement of ep3 is titled Lend Me Your Ears and the pic shows a Walkie-Talkie. I believe you get contacted via clems walkie-talkie who it is? I have no clue but hell of a cliffhanger.

    Episode 4: the 3rd Achievement is labeled Support Group and in the pic it shows 3-4 shadows at a doorway. My guess is that the people you've built relationships with will come to the rescue for something thus having them be shadows in the pic.
    the 4th Achievement is titled Bedside Manor and has a pic of what I believe to be a Medical type of thing so you could be in a hospital for a bit at some point.
    the 7th Achievement is titled The Morning After and has a pic of a gas tank so I believe they're going to attempt to burn as many zombies as possible towards the finale.

    Episode 5: the first Achievement is titled Into The Fire and has a pic with the 3-4 shadows again. My guess is that you and your crew are preparing to burn everything.
    the 3rd and 4th achievement I believe are connected because in one pic it shows a man getting bit in the arm by one zombie and in the next you see someone holding a harm with the achievement titled Mercy, so maybe they have to cut off his hand.

    Now here my rundown of the final 4 achievements:
    The Marsh House: we finally get to where clems parents were last seen, what happens I have no clue but its gotta be Heart breaking.
    Whats In The Bag?: I believe someone has a bag with a bomb to blow up the town where they are (it has to be infested with zombies I think).
    Stay Close To Me: Lee and Clem are prepared to evacuate and make their last stand.
    What Remains: The bomb explodes leaving everything destroyed in an intense scene full of emotions and then Lee and Clementine walk away battle scarred hand in hand ready to move forward to their next chapters life.


    PS: if you want discuss what you think may happen because I love to hear about peoples theories :)
  • well even if thats the plan they are so changing it lol that or you and this thread will forever disappear...but cool to read through until then:p
  • What do you think the very first trophy might be telling us for e3? The one with the scope and a figure in the sights. Goodby she quietly says.
  • Bomb ? I always though it was a Se7en movie reference
    David Mills: What's in the box?, one of the most chilling moments in cinema that month.
  • Well since its the first trophy I dont think they will make us kill a zombie that means something to one of the characters without feeling forced. So maybe you're having a serious talk with somebody about how all these walkers were just like them before and now look at them blah blah emotional stuff and bam you see a female zombie and shoot it to take away its pain. Just a guess lol and yea I said I think its a bomb just because I feel its gonna end in a huge fire (idk why) (on my phone. Logging off now see ya later)
  • nice find, I personally think based on the first acheivement from episode 3 carly or doug will die. This will make the decision virtually pointless in the grand scheme of the plot and get everyone back to a equal cast.

    As for the Lilly one, I dont think she leaves or it would show a different icon I think you go with her either as a group or you split up.

    And I agree with you with the walkie talkie, I think clems parents will be on the other end! And than the episode ends with Lee stuck deciding to risk leaving with clem to go find her parents or make her stay with the group.

    EDIT: also the staff said there will be many new characters including a couple you meet (assuming in episode 3) so that could throw the story line in a whole new direction.
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