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ACTIVATION PROBLEMS - Bought games but only received trial versions!

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Hi - I bought the entire season of Sam and Max - but only the 1st episode was complete - all other episodes were trial versions and did not allow me to save the game or continue beyond a certain point.

I've emailed twice about this problem - the first time I got a reply not related to my question and the second time I didn't get a response at all. Here's my issue number:


I've been waiting 6 days since my last email and still no word from customer service. I'm a bit pissed off at this point - why am I buying uncompleted trial versions of the game? Why doesn't customer service send me the activation codes?

Please send me the activation codes right away - If you need my receipt for purchasing the games, please give me the email address to forward my receipt to. Please have this problem solved asap!

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  • Hi Rand,

    We responded to two emails from you last week. Have you checked your spam folder?

    We can't send activation keys for episodes 2-6 until you send us the hardware fingerprint from one of those episodes -- we use this to generate the activation keys. Ryan mentioned this in a response he sent you. (I'm not sure if that's the one you thought was irrelevant or if it's the one that didn't reach you...)

    To access the hardware fingerprint, click Activation Support in one of the demo versions and send us the hardware fingerprint that displays. Once we have this, we'll get you those activation keys as soon as possible.

    By the way - you said this in one of your emails:
    I tried looking for the upgrade button on the "first game page" but the only options are to play the game or go the the telltale website (when that link is followed it doesnt have any info on how to unlock the full version).
    This makes it sound like you're not seeing the Activation Support link? This picture shows the general area where it should be:

    If you're not seeing the Activation Support link in any of the games, it would be useful if you could describe or post a screenshot of what you are seeing, so we can figure out what's going on here. Thanks!
  • Hi - here is an email I sent on Wed 5/23 to [email][/email]

    Please send me my activation number for all six episodes purchased!

    Name: Randolph Han
    Order #5194116400 | Placed April 19, 2007
    Hardware fingerprint: 2E5A-7551

    The first irrelevant email is below. It sent me my password, when I was asking for activation codes. It was sent by [email][/email] on 5/23.

    Dear Randolph Han,

    Thank you for contacting us on Telltale Games.

    The password you requested is: [i deleted this - rand]

    Please ensure that no additional spaces are copied when using the 'copy/paste' function to enter your password.

    Please note: This e-mail message was sent from a notification-only address that cannot accept incoming e-mail. Please do not reply to this message.

    Customer Service

    Please send me the activation codes asap -

  • That is the automated password reminder Ryan sent you. He sent it at the same time as another email which would have come from a address and explained why he was sending it (which was so you could look up the order here and access preactivated versions of the games). If this is the only one you got, then the emails we are sending from our support system apparently aren't making it to you. Did you check your spam folder?

    Which episode is the hardware fingerprint 2E5A-7551 for -- Culture Shock or one of the others? Culture Shock usually has a different hardware fingerprint than the other episodes, so if this is from Culture Shock I'll need you to check the hardware fingerprint in one of the other episodes.

    Anyway, I'm going to generate keys for you based on this fingerprint. I'll send them to you in a PM since our emails aren't reaching you.
  • The page that Ryan and you've directed me to is the same page that I downloaded all the episodes of season one. This is the page that comes up after I purchased all the episodes. It's from these pages that I downloaded the "trial" versions when I was expecting the "full" versions.

    Also the problem was not forgetting my login - the problem was with activation of the episodes already downloaded from your website. That being the case I'm still confused over why Ryan sent me my password, when in my email forgetting my password was never mentioned.

    My account is with - I'm apparently able to receive emails from your support address ( and your other webhelp address. I did not receive any note from Ryan that I can recall, and after searching my gmail inbox, all I have is confirmation emails and the other support emails I mentioned previously. Perhaps the reason I'm not getting the emails you mentioned is because they weren't sent.

    I think your better customer service strategy at this point is simply to accept that there was a mistake made rather then throwing these weak arguments back at me.

    2E5A-7551 activation code is from Abe Lincoln episode.

    Apologies if I sound a bit rude, but I seriously never thought I would have to go through this much trouble to activate the games. I you sell on the internet you are generally selling to people who want immediate gratification. This 6 day wait, and then me having to chase you around for a real answer and argue with you over some minor points is truly mind boggling to me. Suffice it to say I'm really turned off by your company and am not likely to purchase from you again based on the time delay and having to chase down a customer rep and then ping ponging messages back and forth in the hopes for an activation key that should have been sent in the original confirmation email.

  • I think your better customer service strategy at this point is simply to accept that there was a mistake made rather then throwing these weak arguments back at me.
    We absolutely realize that the activation method for these games leaves something to be desired. The system has a lot of limitations and we work hard to give our customers a good experience in spite of these limitations. I am trying to understand why the problem occurred in the first place so we can make the process better for everyone, and this requires asking questions about what went wrong. I apologize if my attempts to understand the issue are coming across as excuses, because there is no excuse for a bad customer experience.

    Anyway, please let me know if you have any trouble with the activation keys I sent yesterday. (I sure hope not!)
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    Ryan Telltale Alumni
    Thanks for the feedback Rand.

    Honestly, if I was in error, and did not successfully send you multiple emails, then I am very sorry for the inconvenience. I am pretty shocked to hear that they are nowhere to be found. I hope that your games are working fine and if I can help you in the future, email me directly at "". I am sure there will be no discrepancy, or lost emails that way.

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