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Sam & max Episodes - Widescreen support?

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I consider to buy the Sam & Max episodes. The demo was running on my Tablet PC (tanks for the tablet PC support, it's fun to crontrol an andventure with pen :)), but i can't play it on my PC (better Sound, performance), because my Screen resolution (1920x1200) is not supported by the game. The problem is not the native resolution (my video card can interpolate :eek: wee!), the problem is the aspect ratio of the screen. The game looks stretched on my screen, wich is ugly :( Will widescreen be supported in the boxed version of the games?
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  • I wouldn't count on it, but they might implement widescreen support for Season 2. They've been getting lots and lots of requests for it. Any official word on Season 1 boxed edition widescreen support Jake, ect.?
  • they didn't even confirm season 2 yet, right?^^
  • No, it is confirmed. :) They're already getting started on it, actually. They're not wasting any time with it.
  • +1 for widescreen support, 4:3 games look odd in 16:10! Especially when its a 1280x1024(ish) game running at 1680x1050!
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    Apart from bug fixes and a little bit of very specific clean-up in a couple of tiny dusty corners, the versions on the disc will be almost identical to the download versions. We contemplated going back and shoehorning in higher quality voice, widescren, etc but after we looked back on everything, we realized it would be a surprisingly monumental task to retrofit that stuff into season 1. That said, expect many of those improvements out of the gate in future episodes.
  • surely you can simply input a 1920x1200 setting? No modification in the game is required... i tried to do this in the config file (*.prop file) but it was encrypted! whats the point in encrypting the config file??
  • That's not really the way it works :)
  • It'd be awesome if, as well as widescreen support, you could include the 1280x1024 resolution LCD monitors seem to be using these days. Just saves the pixels from being a little bit stretched. Not sure if the individual season one episodes have it, I got the British retail DVD version published by "JoWood" and it only had three resolutions.
  • 1280x1024 is in season two, along with all manner of widescreen resolutions.
  • I managed to manually hack 1920x1200 into the config file, but the end result was not desirable: instead of stretching the video or giving more visible space on the sides, it displayed the video in the correct aspect ratio but CHOPPED the top and bottom of the screen off. So you can't use inventory or get to the main menu.

    Otherwise it worked and looked nice, so it would only take some minor adjustments from them to make this work correctly.
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