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If you could update Jurassic Park Game...

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What would you do?

Now after i played the Walking Dead i wish Jurassic Park took that approach. If Telltale could update Jurassic Park to the gameplay of TWD. I think Jurassic Park the video game would of done even better.
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  • Remove.all.QTEs.

    Remove story.

    Remove the rest.

    Clear the memory of this game.

    Live happily again.
  • Honestly, I'd correct the User Interface. It's very misleading.

    For example, I encountered a problem trying to load Level 3, it won't do it. So I thought selecting Begin Episode would fix this, however, it tells me that I will restart from Episode 1. How can this be if I scroll over to Episode 4 and the option to Begin Episode is greyed out? How does that make any sense?

    Here is an example of what I am talking about.

    If anyone knows if I can just start Episode 3 by selecting begin episode please let me know. I'm most likely going to have to restart from the very beginning anyways. Which is unfortunate because I don't normally restart games right away. So this game might just collect virtual dust until I feel I am ready to come back to it again.

    Good job Tell Tale Games, this game is wonderful, despite a few flaws I still thought it was great. However, this little issue I have run into leaves a sour taste in my mouth. I am not sure how something like this makes it through Quality Assurance. Mind blown, yes I know.
  • I'll make them use the Cryengine 3, so they can add a lot of graphic - Telltale Engine is very poor in polycount.
    And use the same interface of The Walking Dead.
  • Remove QTE, add ability to explore, make it an RPG.
  • The mouse Cursor seems to dissappear on me sometimes when the game(played on PC) switches back from the quicktime sections to the Point and click sections, making the game unplayable. The Cursor still appears in the menu screen so it's a graphical glitch. I assume this is only for the "keyboard and mouse" controls that this issue becomes a problem for.
  • I agree with Faceslasher, I think that they should make another Jurassic park game that is a RPG.

    Here is an example of what I would like in the game

    You could be in a 3d first person or third person environment. You can choose to help Denis Nedry to take the Dino Embryos. Or you could spy on him and tell the park people his plan and save Jurassic park. But if you choose the second method, the raptors have already gotten out because of the sudden power outage. They could take detours from the main story and make it interesting.

    Make it an open world that when you go into the forest and explore it is different every time and is never ending. (like what Minecraft does) And there are different dinos that spawn depending where you are in the story. They could make it where if you are evil (maybe have a karma system like fallout 3) you could have different followers and have different endings according to your actions. And you could hunt down all the dinos and kill them for someone for money. (for a evil character)

    Or if you are a good person, find dino dig sites and dig for dino bones for jurassic park and also watch out for dinos that want to feed on your flesh. This would help Jurassic Park to make even more dinos. They could have different quests like fixing the power grid at night when it's blown out or improve their security so people like Nedry can't do what he did again. Take the wonderful music from the game and make it express itself at the right time (like in the movie). I know it would take a while to make this game but it would be worth it. I think everyone could agree that this could be a awesome game that could rocket Telltale to a whole new level! Am I right people?
  • Buckynohair;606966 said:
    Fix voice audio!
  • ace2020boyd;602984 said:
    What would you do?

    Now after i played the Walking Dead i wish Jurassic Park took that approach. If Telltale could update Jurassic Park to the gameplay of TWD...
    I second the motion!
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