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Did this get better?

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I've been interested in playing this, but I've been hearing numerous complaints about the game, specifically that it's too short and too easy. I played the first episode on someone else's iOS device when it was free, and I liked it, but I couldn't imagine paying the full 20 bucks on PC for it if it didn't get better. So my question is simple; did it get better?
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  • What you need to keep in mind is that this is game has a far lower budget than other Telltale titles, which means that you can't really compare it to other recent titles like Walking Dead, Back to the Future or Jurassic Park. In fact, even Sam & Max season 1 seems like a title that has a lot more time and effort put into it. That means that you'll get extremely simple animations, most of the backgrounds are simply 2D images instead of full 3D areas, and it lacks some of the charm and detail of other Telltale titles.

    That said, I thought the writing is pretty strong and the gameplay mechanics were surprisingly fun. You played the first episode, so you know what to expect on a gameplay-level. Every episode plays out more or less the same (although there are some plot-related twists here and there) with the player spending the first half of every episode searching a crime scene or two and interviewing suspects and witnesses. The second half (the best half) is spend in the courtroom, which feels like a somewhat more serieus version of the Phoenix Wright-games. I really liked those parts.

    I thought the plots where interesting enough (and the writing was strong enough) to hold my attention for the entire season. It's a very easy game, and a very casual gaming experience. The formula doesn't really change from what you've seen in the first episode. If you liked that one you'll like the other episodes, but you might want to wait for a sale. I don't regret buying it at full price, but I think most people would think a lower price would be more appropriate for this title.

    I hope that helps!

    Edit: To answer your question a bit more: I do think that the stories do get progressively more interesting, but gameplay/presentation-wise it stays exactly the same. There's not a great deal of variation in what you have to do in each episode.
  • OK then, I think I'll wait for a sale. It's almost time for the anniversary, so who knows what will happen.
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