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Items on Left Hand Side of Screen?

posted by Perfectblue on - last edited - Viewed by 614 users
During moments where you control the main character, items will display on the left hand side of the screen? Can you make this screen go away, or select the items from the side? Im a bit confused.

Such as in the picture below with the walkie talkie
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  • That is your inventory. It shows what you have with you. I like it actually. Makes it easier to see what I have on me without having to open an inventory screen.
  • these are the items you collect, they appear with the other elements (crosshair, points of interest or buttons - depending on your settings) when you use the stick to look around or move and disappear if you release the controls.

    it's some sort of inventory which you can use in dialog or while interacting with things (the option won't be there, if you don't have the needed particular item with you). sometimes there are items like one of a kind, but there are also multiple items to collect - so it's good to keep track on how many items of one sort you already have.

    hope i could help.

    edit: too late ;)
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