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Telltale's TWD Mac problems.

posted by DukeofRandomcat on - last edited - Viewed by 219 users
I downloaded TWD and ran it in my applications but it simply just won't respond. I'm forced to force quit it every time I open it.
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  • Are you using "Little Snitch", "Hands Off" or something like this? Because you need to allow the game to connect to the internet.
  • My Steam version works fine with OS X Lion on a white 2009 MacBook, what system do you have?
  • I initially downloaded the game from Steam (using the code i got from TT) and played it on my Mac. I found that at certain moments in the game there were some framerate drops, despite the fact that my MBpro actually met the system requirements.

    However, today I deleted that game and installed the game from TT and for some weird odd reason all the issues I came across weren't there anymore and it play very smoothly.

    Maybe (just an assumption) the Steam version is a bit buggy.
  • I just logged out and logged in again. It's working fine.
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