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TWD on Macbook Air 11": wondering if it works?

posted by Adhrast on - last edited - Viewed by 1.2K users
First of all, hi everyone!
I'm writing this just because TellTale might lose potential customers that judging from the Steam page led to believe that their computers won't run the game.
I own a new Macbook Air 11", base version (1.6 Ghz i5, 2 GB Ram, 64 Gb HD) and since I wanted to risk it (and maybe just because I love you TT :D ) I bought it on Steam, thinking that if it wouldn't work on my MBA I could play it on my other Win computer.
But, surprise!! It works like a charm! At almost max settings, it works and plays beautifully :)
Sorry for the excessive enthusiasm but I just wanted to let everyone know this :)
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  • Deleted because I'm an idiot.
  • It wasn't a question, it was a statement :D
    It works, and even really well!
  • Whoops. That's what happens you're doing twelve things at once and don't have enough sense to read an entire post before responding.
  • Absolutely no problem :)
    I was just reporting this, in case people wondered whether it could work on MBAs too :)
    I have to admit, I was REALLY surprised when I saw it worked, seems your game is so good and the engine is so well built that even theoretically inferior machines can run it :P
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