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How is the release of future episodes going to work in TellTale version?

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Hey everybody, just a quick question about the release of future episodes. And that question is, how is the release of new episodes going to work in the version downloaded from the my games page? I understand how the steam version is going to work, through updates that will be done automatically, but will I have to manually download new episodes or a new client each time a new episode is released or will the TellTale version automatically download also?

Thanks for responses in advance.
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  • Despite the Steam "shell" surrounding that version, the game seems very "connected" to me in general. It runs through a connection process off of the title screen. There is a "status" for future episodes off of one of the title menus as well, so it kind of "knows" what has been released and what hasn't. Finally, something that happens when you complete the first episode leads me to believe that the game is connecting to the server periodically. Though its an incredibly minor aspect of the game, I won't spoil it here.

    I wouldn't be at all surprised if The Walking Dead client will at the very least alert the user to the release of new episodes, if not download and install them outright.

    Is there any sort of official response on this yet? Based on the aforementioned, it seems entirely possible.
  • It looks to me like the launcher will at least handle the downloading (and probably installing) of new episodes, via the 'Download Content' menu options. Also I would imagine the scrolling ticket at the top of the menu screens is updatable and if so then new episode availability would probably be advertised using that.
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