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Limited Choices discussion (merged threads)

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I was a bit disappointed with the story choices. Reminded me of LA Noir, where most game choices are superficial. If you pick Shawn he still dies the same. Even if the other chosen character died(Doug or Carlie), the other said the same things. And no matter what I said nothing changed story points, like Larry shoving you down even if you side with him. Oh and with Glenn, if you hand the girl the gun he says how can you let people give up but if you refuse he says how can you deny someone's choice! The character's in the game should have the same convictions no matter what you choose, this is unacceptable character development.

Supposedly the choices of Episode 1 greatly affect how everyone views you though... I sure hope the following episodes prove more impressive with the choices, and I realllllly hope it branches out and expands more. For a 2hr game it should have a lot more possibilities.

I know it's only a $5 game, just please don't let me down.

Otherwise, the story itself was awesome, the gameplay is really good and the art style is incredible. Still the best TT game to date! Keep it up guys!
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  • Really good points being brought out, across the board here. Thanks for the input guys
  • A story with one beginning and multiple canned endings is still limited in scope; what we're seeing in The Walking Dead is an attempt at something more subtle, where a conversation or remark can change the way a later scene plays without necessarily altering its outcome. I'd rather have Kenny call me a "good friend" than an "asshole" -- and whether that has a plot impact or not, it makes that scene feel very different. And the LACK of change in his actions reinforces that Kenny is a good person.

    Choices do have subtle outcomes. For example, I struggled to pick the choicest quote to say "this" to from your awesome post. Ostensibly, my cherry-picking should have little effect on the intended outcome: your understanding that I agree with your stated views and have paid you a compliment. But in choosing to quote and respond, I'm saying more about me than I ever possibly could about you, TWD, or anything else.
  • If anything we know 2 choices: go with kenny to the boat or go with whatever larrys daughters called to the plane, zombie entertainment always end up with using air or sea to escape the mAdness
  • Just because we haven't seen an effect from a decision point doesn't mean that there won't be one.

    Why have what you read on a game site? Are you Brian griffin? Also I agree, let's not pass judgement on nothing...
  • Look,I have played through thegame 6 times now. Both episodes. Always with completely different choices. Choose different people to rescue, different people to side with. But it's still always the same. Every play regardless of any decisions seem to have too far low of an impact.

    When you rescue 1 person another takes their place, doing and saying the same. All decisions seem irrelevant, maybe here and there a sentence switches during a cutscenes but that's it. Look, I have played 6(!!!!!!!!) time now with complete and utter opposite directctions and everything is still exactly the same. The whole "your choices affect the stoy" seems to be utter bull. The choice-system and interactive story seems to be only faked. I mean, after episode one,when I played 3 times with always different choices I already noticed it but I thought "oh well, maybe it will come, and 1 episode isn't enough to branch out." But now, after dozens of opposite decisions/rescues etc and comparing the results it's seems like there is no impact of it at all. Everything stays the same. WIth minor changes every now and then (a new sentence...).

    I am completely disappointed so far. These decisions need to BRANCH OUT. It can niot be that the game is 99.9% the same no matter what combinations of decisions. And that's properly the reason why teltale makes you not able to skip cutscenes, to not make people replay too much to compare results? Since it's all the same? Please, branch out the story and for once let my decision be of any meaning whatsoever. Or don't lie about their impact, as so far, after 6 playthroughs I have seen NONE. /rant
  • Now look. This is an adventure story with an already made script. There are some things which you can change but not everything.

    Now imagine what if they tried to make a game where almost EVERYTHING can be changed. This will make game have millions and millions different endings and millions of dialogues. This will be an impossible project even for biggest game companies, so this type of interactivity is really great. We might see completely open world, fully voiced adventure game only in a few decades but surely not now. Right now the only option to have open world is to get rid of actors and make text only adventure which won't be as much fun.
  • If they significantly branch out in the first couple of episodes, they'll be lucky to finish episode 5 by Christmas. Of next year.

    It was simply too early. I hope TellTale will start spreading themselves from episode 3 onwards.
  • I think that they won't branch out the story just because they already planned the whole Lee''s adventure. You can change only your group and their opinion on you.
  • magzhi wrote: »
    Now imagine what if they tried to make a game where almost EVERYTHING can be changed.

    Obviously not everything. But MAJOR decision should have SOME effect. But they don't. it doesn't matter who you save or what you say to anyone. So far the story remains EXACTLY the same. Nothing gets altered. A different sentence and maybe Person X doing/saying instead of Person Y. EXACTLY the same. At least make me feel like I have SOME impact on what happens. So far, no decision ever changed anything. It's plain stupid.
  • I'm sure as the game progresses the choices become more relevant.

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