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WD: Save Game not recognised

posted by altered_ego on - last edited - Viewed by 1.5K users
I am playing through Walking Dead on Steam and I booted up the game this morning after playing it late last night and when I go to play it says new game only.

I've located the autosave files on my PC but they aren't showing up in game.

I'm right at the end if Episode 1 and I really dont want to go through it all again

Can you help?
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  • Take a look at this and see if yours is the same. If it is, then try my "wish I had" step at the bottom. It may or may not change anything but I am curious to see if it does.
  • WabbitTwaks;604378 said:
    Take a look at this and see if yours is the same. If it is, then try my "wish I had" step at the bottom. It may or may not change anything but I am curious to see if it does.
    I have this problem too, but in a different way than Wabbit's.

    My save is just gone from the game after beating it. It is still in my documents, but just gone ingame.
  • Just booted up the game (via Steam) for the first time in a couple days; it hung on load, so I ended the task and it seemed to erase my settings. When I launched it again, it was back in windowed small res mode (as it was after I first got it running with compatibility mode) and yeah...not seeing my save file either. I checked the folder, still there, but the game doesn't see it. Launched it again, settings saved this time, but nothing. Have not touched the actual direct TT download yet.
  • I have the same problem. Windowed small res mode came up after a couple of days of not playing, and now the saves aren't recognized ingame even though the files are still there.
  • If anyone is still having this problem, this is what I did to solve it as I was having the same exact issue as previous posters (I'm on Windows 7 and this is what these steps outline)...

    [*]Move the entire "The Walking Dead" folder out of the "Telltale Games" folder in your "Documents" folder of your user folder... just put it on the desktop for now

    [*]Launch the game and it will create a new "The Walking Dead" folder in the "Telltale Games" folder along with the accompanying data folders/files... adjust your video settings, etc now if you want to

    [*]Go ahead and go through the steps like you're starting a new game from scratch... now play the game until you see the icon spinning like it's saving a game (I played up until the point where you're in the backyard and it created about three new saves)

    [*]Once you're out of a cut scene and you've seen it do a few auto-saves, exit the game completely

    [*]Now go back into the "The Walking Dead" folder and you'll see the newly created game saves (for me the last one it created was "")... leave that window open and proceed to the next step

    [*]Now go back into your original "The Walking Dead" folder that you dragged out in step 1 and find your latest game save (for me it was "") and then rename that latest save to the same name of the last save that your new game created (in my case I renamed it to "") and drag that save into the new data folder and overwrite the existing one (helps to also delete any of the other newly created game saves)

    [*]Now go ahead and launch the game and you'll notice (at least for me this was the case) that the time stamp on the save is from a few moments before, but go ahead and select that save anyway and you should be exactly where you were when you left off at the latest point in your previous game!

    If you follow those instructions, you should be good to go like I was ;-)
  • I did all of the steps you suggested. What's strange is, all of my game saves are from back in april, and although I played a new game through to the back yard, there are no game saves that I can see from today!
  • Where are the save files kept for the Steam version?
    I found some files in C:\Users\\Documents\Telltale Games\The Walking Dead
    But when I moved them and ran the game again my save was still available, so I think these must not be the right files.
  • spiritofcat, That's where I found the save files from when I played the game in april. However, when I go to do the fix described above, new saves do not appear in this folder, it's so weird! Where are the saves going? o.O
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    DjNDB Moderator
    Check if your saves are in
    %USERPROFILE%\Documents\Telltale Games\GameData

    The savegame location is stored in the Registry Key
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Telltale Games\WalkingDead101.exe
    in the property "SaveGameFolderName"
    If that property doesn't exist for some reason it seems to default to "Gamedata".
  • Thanks for the tip, I found the other saves and did the above fix, but it still won't let me go to episode 2, and crashes upon loading now. :( Any ideas?
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