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DEVS: My Experience, Questions/Bugs/Issues/Feedback/Complaints/Suggestions etc.

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First of all, i got the game for the Playstation 3 console and i gotta tell you it's been one of the best videogame series in story-telling/cinematic wise. I've played Heavy Rain, i'm sure some of you may be familiar with it and i described the game to my friends close to that game - cinematic/gameplay wise. (It's not a bad thing - it's different and i like it) I played it in 3 different ways (Episode 1) i'm sure there are other solutions aswell, which i can't do because of the 3 save slot limit (which is a complaint on my side, maybe 4 - 5 slots would be nice)

I've encountered some issues throughout the gameplay, mainly just freezes and lag issues when making a decision. When decision making, the game lags and it doesn't run as smoothe as it's supposed to.
Example: When there's a dialogue between one another, i miss half of the dialogue because of the lag/skips/frame rate drop.
I'd like to address this issue more than anything.
Besides that, i haven't really experienced any other issue/bug.

-5 save slots (max) in the future.
-Release them weekly instead of monthly.
(I can't stick to a game where i have to wait 5 months in order to complete the entire series, it makes me regret getting it now instead of waiting until full release)
-Add more actions interacting with the environment when looking around, searching. Even if it's a thought that the character is having when interacting.
(I'm sure you guys can't probably make changes about that but a suggestion for future games)
-Inverted camera option. (I play inverted on EVERY single videogame, this is pretty hard getting used to. My brain will not be able to adjust to the other games if i play "normal" instead of invert "Y" axis)

Questions: (I don't mind spoilers)
Does the story have ANY link to the Comic series/TV Show of any sort?
I remembered Asian Boy (Glenn) and Hershel Greene from the Comics/TV show. So i wondered if this was an event that happened before the comics or the TV show.

I say keep it up, i cannot get enough of The Walking Dead.
The wait thing is killing all of us, trust me - even with the Facebook game that was supposed to already be released it is held up until i don't know when.

Well, if i experience any more problems/feedbacks/suggestions etc.
I will edit the post :)

Again, thanks for the great game.
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