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New to episodic gaming? (Merged threads)

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Sorry but why we have to wait for it
this next ep is dlc I need to pay more? Like capcom dlc
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    Telltale has always made episodic games like this, and no, you don't have to pay more, the extra episodes will automatically unlock as they're released.
  • Sorry but 1ep each month is too short
  • How to answer this... I think.... i better not try. :D
  • Tungtongjit;600916 said:
    Sorry but 1ep each month is too short
    You think that was short? Try reading the comic and wait a month between each issue.
  • It was all killer, no filler. Hands down, Telltale's best work to date. Fucking AMAZING.
  • Having never played a TellTale game before-hand, I'll admit I did "unofficially" enjoy Back To The Future VERY much.

    Thanks to that experience (and a perhaps unhealthy LOVE for The Walking Dead and all things re-animated :P), I am proud to say that this will be my first "official" TellTale Games purchase and I can't wait to dig into this first episode!!

    ... and while I also agree it may very well suck having to wait a month between episodes, think of it this way... we should be wrapping up that last episode JUST in time for Season 3 in October 8)
  • If you can't stand to wait between episodes, you could always wait until the whole season is released and then start playing. That's essentially what TT did with Jurassic Park -- and to me, it felt like overload to play the whole thing in such a short time. I kind of like the anticipation as each episode comes out, and it's easier to find the time to keep up (though in the past with other monthly-release Telltale games I have still fallen behind by an episode or two.)
  • The wait does indeed suck. With only a 2 hrs per clip it seems shorthanded. However indeed it is not as bad as the wait for each comic issue.
  • I really hate when people post on these forums without having the slightest clue about what Telltale does.

    Try reading this.
  • $5 for a 2hr game is a great deal. The comic books are $2.99 and take about 20min to read!

    I just wish they'd hurry up and get me the game(NOT STEAM dammit) so I can enjoy it too.
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