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[SPOILERS] TWDG easter eggs / references / hidden jokes?

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has anyone found any Easter eggs in this game yet if you have could you
maybe take a picture or video and post it here
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  • Really interested to hear about some of the hidden things you guys have found in Ep 3.

    Spoilers Obviously.

    So far Ive heard its possible to not shoot Duck and leave his walker self in the wilderness. Anybody discovered anything else so far?
  • apparently if you're silent when you're supposed to get Kenny to stop the train some... interesting stuff happens.
  • Alright here are the Easter Eggs I've found so far, some may or may not be Easter Eggs or not but hey.

    Here's my Youtube channel, with a Video of all of these!

    And the next link is directly to the video

    1. At the beginning of the episode, there is a crashed helicopter in the drug store with a pilot in it. The pilot looks a lot like the pilot in Telltales Jurassic Park episodic game, who has a very untimely death.

    2. When Lee is investigating for who was taking supplies, Duck is going to be Lees 'Ward' referring Lee to Batman and himself as Robin.

    3. A funny one was when Duck finds the chalk lines near the motor inns gates and asks Lee for a hi-5. If Lee gives him one the update will say "Duck thinks you are totally awesome."

    4. When you get on the train and find the clipboard, there is a magazine in the back with an image on it. I'm not sure what it is but it looks familiar. Anyone else know?

    5. The last one I found was the best. When you go up to Kenny in the control car to tell him to stop the train, when you get to the following dialogue:

    Stop. The. Train.
    You're in denial!
    This isn't about Duck.

    Choose the ... option. Kenny will speed up the train, the same option will appear again, choose ... again. He will push you out of the car and lock the door. Lee will walk back to the box to find it covered in blood and bits of flesh.. and Clems hat on the ground. Than Duck will walk towards you as a walker. In shock Lees mouth is gaped open, Duck comes to him and Lee falls out of the Box car. The "You are dead" screen pops up.
  • Five sounds epic, though I'm not sure if I really want to try it. I'm not sure how two is an easter egg.

  • 2 and 4 I don't consider Easter Eggs IMO.
  • This is one game where I'm more pleased not to run across Easter eggs or pop culture references. It just isn't the right atmosphere for it and would detract significantly from the world they're trying to create.
  • I love 3. Now I regret hiding the story notifications.
  • Maybe if you choose to go with Lily you get a text screen that says, "You and Lily joined up with the Governor who promptly shot you dead because he didn't like the way you looked at him. Game Over"
  • pdlbean wrote: »
    apparently if you're silent when you're supposed to get Kenny to stop the train some... interesting stuff happens.

    Not really, but one interesting thing is you can leave Duck in the woods instead of you or Kenny shooting him.
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