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Problems with back to the future

posted by PBO70 on - last edited - Viewed by 179 users
I downloaded the trial of episode 1 on PSN, liked it and paid for the full version. I started to play the game and got four of the trophies, then I found that all 5 episodes were now free with playstation plus that I also have.

I did not play the four remaining episodes as I was involved in some other games, I needed to free up some memory on my PS3 so I deleted all five episodes. After playing the walking dead today and really enjoying it I decided to play back to the future again.

I downloaded episode 1 thinking it was the full version, I got past the bit where you get docs diary from biff and the game finished and thanked me for playing the trial and I am now unable to download the full version.

I am from UK and I would really appreciate some help.
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