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TWD: Can't connect to server

posted by Neobushi on - last edited - Viewed by 431 users
When I launch TWD and try to authorize my copy of the game I get a message telling me that the server can't be found and to check my connection. I've even disabled my firewall and it still can't find the server. Any possible solutions?
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  • I tried to play it offline - where I am now there is no internet connection - and it showed a message: your telltale account doesn't have a license for this game.

    I got a 3G connection and tried again, I got the same message.

    I played last night and now I can't.

    What's happening?
  • I still can't establish a connection to the Telltale server.
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    DjNDB Moderator
    I don't know what's happening there, but it could be some strange routing issue.

    It's not a solution, but it might be possible to work around it by using a VPN. There are some free (or rather ad-financed) services out there, e.g. Hotspot Shield.
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