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  • Have you been enjoying GOG Galaxy? if so, then YAY, Galaxy features are being rolled out onto the main site. If you haven't, then BOO, GOG is forcing Galaxy on you by replacing core site functionality with its Galaxy version.

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    I remember people asking to let them know when the Sam & Max games go on sale so they can check them out, so I thought I'd give the heads up that all three seasons of Sam & Max are on sale now at The whole season can be picked up for $10, which is certainly worth picking up at the price. If you only want to pick up one season though, go for season three (The Devil's Playhouse). It's the most cinematic of the series, and has the serialized format that current Telltale games have (minus the choices, except for one minor choice at the end of the last episode).

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    Omg Paradox is on sale too...

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    Though I don't see the point of selling Europa Universalis I and II, since they're basically overhauls, like the civilization games...

    Also, for zombie fans, Zafehouse Diaries is on sale. The difficulty is fucking insane, but it's a really good game.

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    Just thought I'd update this as all of Telltale's games are now on sale, for a few more hours. The Walking Dead series and The Wolf Among Us are now 75% off. Game of Thrones is 50% off, Tales of Monkey Island is 90% off, and Back to the Future: the Game is 85% off.

    The Sam & Max series is still 90% off too.

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    All of the game deals mentioned in the above post are now back for the last day of the sale. In addition, Tales from the Borderlands is now on too, for 50% off.

  • Because someone at GOG thinks paying for an unfinished game ISN'T the worst idea that started as the best of intentions, early access is now on GOG in the form of Trine 3!

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    At least they're calling it a pre-order and only including the prototype as a bonus, as opposed to the prototype being the game for sale itself, as is the case of other instances of early access.

    I really don't see a problem when it's handled this way, personally, since that way of doing it is quite up front about what you're actually getting.

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    Because someone at GOG thinks paying for an unfinished game ISN'T the worst idea that started as the best of intentions, early access is now on GOG in the form of Trine 3!

  • Good news, Ubisoft is releasing games on GOG again. Bad news, not Myst 3 or 4 because, you know, why would you want to fill out that gap? But hey, you can get Albion now for $5.99, Archimedean Dynasty for $5.99 and Anno 1602 A.D. for $9.99.

  • I figured someone would post this before me, but I guess not. Whatever, System Shock: Enhanced Edition is now on GOG for the launch price of $7.99, or $5.99 if you own System Shock 2. The Enhanced Edition is pretty much just System Shock Portable, but not technically illegal to download, and the original version of the game is included as the Classic Edition.

  • Telltale released four more of their classic games onto, and there is a launch sale of up to 75% off on them. The games are Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People, Hector: Badge of Carnage, Puzzle Agent and Puzzle Agent 2. They're well worth the $13.76 sale price, so I definitely recommend picking them up if you haven't already.

    There is also a sale on the entire Nordic Games catalog of games that are available on If you picked up the games on the sale during the time when the games from Nordic Games were temporarily removed from (like me), the 7 games that they've added since then are only $27.93, which is a pretty good deal if you want to make like Pokemon and catch 'em all.

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