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How do you organize your music on your playlist?

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How do your organize your music on your playlist (for iPad, Zune, WinAmp, iTunes, what-have-you)? Do you sort it alphabetically by name of album or by artist, or do you sort by genre, date of release, etc?

I sort mine by date of release. I've got my music organized from 1810-2012 and have it saved in my WinAmp playlist that way. Whenever I buy a new song, I sort it by date in WinAmp's Local Media list and then save my playlist again. :)
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  • By artist + album. I only listen to full albums. No samplers no single tracks bought on a shoddy digital store.
    I still use their software though. I use iTunes for my playlists. Works pretty well.
  • On my PC, I just add whole albums at random to WinAmp and save the resulting playlist by the date I did it.
    (2012-04-28.m3u was the last one I did, for example).

    On my DS though, I copy over any songs I really, really like and then rename them so it's just the track name. So I guess you could say I sort them that way. You can get some really interesting song transitions that way! :D
  • Jennifer;606305 said:
    I've got my music organized from 1810-2012 and have it saved in my WinAmp playlist that way. Whenever I buy a new song, I sort it by date in WinAmp's Local Media list and then save my playlist again. :)
    So, you just have one giant music playlist?

    I use WinAmp, but I don't use the "Local Media" tab, as it only shows one long uncategorized list.

    I use the "Audio" tab underneath Local Media, and I have my music categorized into 3 columns: Genre; Album Artist; Album Art. (I also have the music sorted into folders on my HDD in a similar fashion.) I then have the tracks sorted by Year.

    ...also, I almost always only buy full albums (as mp3 from Amazon.) I don't buy single tracks because then I would have various albums in my Media Library with only one or two tracks.

    If I download a random song from the net (for example, OCRemix songs) I put it in a folder called "Downloaded Music," which is not normally added to WinAmp, kept seperate from purchased music.

    I also customize my music's tagged "genre" and "album artist" to suit my own purposes. As you can see below, the genres I use are very basic. Further, while I have a genre called Soundtrack, I have renamed all the Album Artist tags for soundtrack music to "Film Soundtrack" and "Game Soundtrack" to make albums easy to browse.

  • I have full albums and organise by artist>album. I usually listen on random though unless I want to hear a specific song. Odd times, if I'm at home and want to listen to a full album, I'll throw the CD on since they are generally better quality.
  • I'm still a little old school. All my music is stored in folders by artist and album and I hunt for them to play what I want. I don't have a giant playlist of my entire music library. I don't really do a lot of just listening to music on my computer, though. On my Sony Walkman I also go by folder with categories, artist folders in each category, then album folders in each artist. Hunt for what I want.
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    Jennifer Moderator
    Chyron8472;606343 said:
    So, you just have one giant music playlist?
    Yup. I usually run it on random, but when I want to play something I'm a little weird in that I know what year most songs I like were released (numbers and names seem to get in my head and stick there), so then I choose what song I want to play that way. And if I'm not sure of the date, I click to sort it by artist and then pick it from the list that way. :)
  • I'm also really picky about having my music files named and organized on my HDD exactly how I want them to (as opposed to my sister's husband who doesn't give two craps about file structure).

    My primary tool for editing tags and filenames en masse is mp3tag. It's been really useful for reorganizing bunches of files in one shot, and doing things like re-numbering track numbers (I hate it when each track number shows the total number of tracks for its album (eg. "5/20"). oh, and also embedding album art into individual mp3s.

    The mp3 player I use is a SanDisk Sansa Fuze, with Rockbox installed.
  • I have w few hundred gigs of music so one playlist would never work for me
  • All music & random if available.
    (Playlist wise)

    Else I sort it into artist & album.
  • I resent the shuffle function. It has largely destroyed the flow and pace of an artist's intention for an album. Especially for albums whose tracks blend into eachother. Now everything's just a jumbled mess. Does anyone even listen to a single album from beginning to end anymore?
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