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Is there perfect score in each episode?

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I just finished all 7 episodes of the game.
The game in general is very good. I had fun time out of it.

Out of the seven, I got perfect status of Ace Detective and District Attorney with full score in Total Score and Offered Plea. I think this is what is supposed to be the perfect status in each episode, and I got this status in the episode 2, 5, 6, and 7 (only 7 without plea). As for other episodes, I got worse like episode 4.

It is odd especially in the episode 4 because I got as many as 64 pts out of 67 no matter what I did. I tried with or without each plea, in which there was no mistake. Of course the investigation was perfect. I think I did the best I could. I see no deduction in score before the final statement, and there seems about 20 pts decrease right after I chose one of McCoy's topics, which I had to choose to finish his statement. Even though, the meter was over 100 pts at the end and I got a satisfied sentence. I really don't know where I missed the three pts (67 - 64) in the episode.

I did not play ep 1 and 3 thoroughly, so I look into it from now, but is there really perfect status especially in ep 4?
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  • I have perfect score in all 7 episodes, including episode 4 (no plea).
    I am DA and Ace Detective in all episodes but ep 1 where I'm only Exec ADA.
  • Good for you!
    Thanks for the tip.

    I just figured out that time to spend matters.
    My total life-time score went significantly down after I left the game alone over a night.
    Maybe spending less time by not retrying gives me more score.
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