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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    All right, thank you so much! Actually, when I saw the scene in the game, all I could think is "WUT?!". This was so unbelievable that I did not even bother researching it. But I guess the Diet Coke/mentos thing is pretty unbelievable before you try it, too.

    We would still have to find out how the Telltale designers could think of that as a quiet way to break the window, though.
  • Jennifer;606530 said:
    quieter than if Lee kept banging at the window over and over again until it broke. :)
    Yeah he would have made quite some noise once he would have broken his hand. :D
  • Porcelain is tougher than glass and if its broken up it has lots of sharp edges, so yeah this works in real life. Just like a rock or a crowbar. It wouldn't be any quieter than a rock, however.

    I thought the pillow was going to be used to muffle the breaking window instead of the gun. Which in real life would not make the gunshot ANY quieter...
  • Cool find.

    I really had no idea what Glen was doing with the spark plug.
  • Doesn't break like that though, it just spiderwebs the hell out of it since it is safety glass. It's very quiet too, just the sound of the porcelain hitting the glass and the sound of the glass cracking. Can also use metal ball end of an antennae, just take the antennae off the car and position it diagonally across the glass, pull back like a rubber band and smack! Significantly louder than a dinky piece of porcelain though.
  • Nice one Rasher!

    Was wondering wtf was that all about. Muffling the car window with the pillow and elbow smash is not an option in the game.
  • Have you ever tried to break a car window with your fleshy hand or elbow? I am far from a small person and I can't put my foot through without hurting something.
  • DjangoZom;606634 said:
    Here's something interesting.

    Yeah. Cute trick. Fake, but cute.
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