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posted by nickpeyon on - last edited - Viewed by 623 users
Hi there. I've bought a few games from you guys. So far, I've only installed one of them, Al Emmo, but it keep asking me for an activation code, which i have no idea what it is.

Once I click the game icon, a new window pops up, telling me to either play the free trial or purchase the full game (which has been done already). I then clicked on "I already purchased this" link and I've received an error message of "missing one of more tags". So i decided to click on the "Activation Support" tag, which told me to send an email to you guys.

I've sent this email 4 days ago and I still haven't got a reply. Maybe you guys did reply, but I haven't received it.

Here's a copy of the email I've sent:


TO: [email][/email]
SUBJECT: Activation Request for 9DE4-8991

Your Order ID: 5285920300
Name: Nicolas G. de Peyon
Hardware Fingerprint: 9DE4-8991

So far, Ive only installed Al Emmo, but if there's a key required for the other games as well, can you please send them too?




Do you require any more information? Was there anything wrong in that email I've sent you?

I have already successfully downloaded all the games. Now I just need to get this activation code sorted so I can have some fun playing :)

Thanks for the help.

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  • Hi Nick,

    Sorry for the delay. Ryan replied to your email on Saturday. Could you check your spam folder for that?

    We'll get you a key for Al Emmo asap. A key shouldn't be required for the other games, but if the same problem that prevented activation from working on Al Emmo prevents it on the other games, then you might need keys for those too. (FYI, the "missing tags" error usually means something went wrong with the activation system during download or installation -- could be your firewall interfering with the system.)

    You have a lot of games on your order and the fingerprint could be different for each one, so why don't you email us as you try them and tell us if you need the keys or not. If we try to send you ten keys at once it's going to get confusing. :D You can also post here if the email doesn't seem to be working.

    By the way - if you downloaded the games after checkout and then waited to install them, that could be why activation isn't working. Sometimes if you don't run the game immediately, the activation system craps out. You can always redownload a preactivated version by looking up your order here. I wouldn't want you to have to do that with Al Emmo because it's a big download, but it might be helpful for some of the smaller games.

    EDIT: I am going to send you a PM - I have a question about your order.
  • Hi Emily, thanks for the quick reply. I do not have a spam folder and I'm sure the email did not make it all the way to me. It's possible my internet provider blocked it for some strange reason. Can you guys please send it again?

    I've desabled the firewall completely, and I still get the saem "missing tag" error.

    Regarding keys for other games, ok, we'll see what happens when I install them.

    Yes, I did download the games after a week or so after the purchase and I did not install them right away.

    The link you gave me is where I've downloaded everything from.

    I'm gonna have a look at the PM now.
  • I just sent you a PM with the Al Emmo activation key that Ryan tried to email earlier, as well as a little additional info. I'm sorry our emails aren't reaching you. :(

    I suspect the games didn't activate properly because of the delay between when you downloaded and when you ran them. It's a limitation of the activation system that has been reported to the people who make the software, but hasn't been fixed yet.
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