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Yes, you buy individual episodes on consoles (5$) and the entire game on PC/Mac (25$)

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I'm not 100% sure I will like the game, and I do not want to commit to an entire season if i don't like the first episode. Will there be any way to purchase individual episodes off the Steam store? Currently you can only prepurchase the season pass.
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  • Sadly, no, there's no way to purchase individual episodes, at least for the PC.
  • There'll likely be a demo released at some point with gameplay in it but that's something you'd have to wait for.
  • RAnthonyMahan;597800 said:
    Sadly, no, there's no way to purchase individual episodes, at least for the PC.
    If they don't plan for releasing one episode at a time (A la everything prior to Jurassic Park), then you can pretty much expect to -not- be able to buy them individually. With Jurassic Park on the PS3, even though it's split up into 4 episodes that you need to download and install separately (And technically they're separate in the PC version), you can only buy the full season. There may or may not be a demo on the PS3, so that might be sufficient for the OP's needs.
  • They may release the 1st episode to buy once the game comes out. They did that with Monkey Island. They haven't said they won't yet, and since they are selling single episodes for $4.99 on consoles I don't see why they wouldn't for PC too. JP doesn't count since they always just sold the whole game. BttF sold as separate episodes.

    I'm sure they will for PC. The preorder is also ONLY on PC, you can't preorder for consoles, and it's cuz they're doing the Be in the game contest that you hafta preorder full season. Don't worry OP
  • commit to the season for chist sakes lol its less than 30 bucks like cheaper than like 90% of the games out there.heck liek 2 hours per episode replayabilty do to diffrent choices cheaper than buying 5 dvds.
  • I can't think of any reason why they couldn't do this, but to be on the safe side, I'm probably going to wait on getting this until anything's announced. Actually, maybe I'll pick up the first episode on consoles, just to see. Usually I'm gung-ho on preordering, or at least buying, everything Telltale puts out, but I'm one of the people who got burned on Jurassic Park.
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    We've been selling season-pass-only on PC for quite a while. Back to the Future was sold that way as was Devil's Playhouse, and even Tales of Monkey Island, back to 2009.

    Often later in the season or afterwards we open up single episode sales, and also often at some point the first episode shows up on its own as part of promotions or sales, but we've found that it is actually way easier on everybody (including customers) to start off by just selling a season pass.

    When we opened up on day one selling seasons and individual episodes, the communication was "BUY THE SEASON. OR AN EPISODE. AND THEN UPGRADE YOUR EPISODE TO A SEASON. OR IF YOU BOUGHT TWO EPISODES HOW DO YOU UPGRADE?" and we immediately spent more time explaining how the episodic structure works than explaining what the game is!

    It's frustrating that the people who are interested in just buying one chapter get left with a dilemma, I know, but it turned into a situation where we had to make the call that we can't please everybody out of the gate.
  • In case anyone is wondering: the episodes can be bought individually on PS3 via the PlayStation Store.
  • Maikel Steneker;598115 said:
    In case anyone is wondering: the episodes can be bought individually on PS3 via the PlayStation Store.
    Thanks, I'll probably get the first episode from there. I'm still gunshy after Jurassic Park, plus I didn't really like the comics.
  • ...just buy the episodes separately, I don't feel like paying $25. I remember reading online that you could buy each episode for $5. Is this still true or not?
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