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Walking Dead Episode 2 Release Date Discussion (June, but WHEN?)

posted by divisionten on - last edited - Viewed by 39.2K users
As you guys (hopefully) already know, we mods know just as much as you do about release dates. We're volunteers and don't work for Telltale. And one thing we LOOOOOVE is speculation! So here's a poll to guess when Episode 2: STARVED FOR HELP will release on PC/MAC. (I'm not including iOS or console since those typically release a little later; they must get approval from the iOS store, Microsoft, Sony, etc before they go live).

I'm going to sweeten the pot. Whomever guesses FIRST (I'll be able to see poll results) the correct date will get a custom commission from me. You can check out my work here here or here.

You can ask for a zombie portrait or anything else TWD related. I will either a) make digital art for you and email you the hi-rez or b) paint for you and film it, and send you a hi-rez photo of the painting.

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  • Well I voted the last wed of the month, as il be playing it on xbox as normally that is the release date for arcade games, with some exceptions.
  • darn it i went for the sensible option like 16 others did on 29th of may

    seriously you put the first week of may up are you mad ? ;)
  • I think this is when they will release it because A.) They only bring out stuff for the arcade on Wednesdays B.) It is the closest Wednesday and C.) Just to compete with Minecraft:p
  • Accidentally guessed June 4th dang it!
  • I chose 4 weeks after episode 1 was released. Just made sense to me. Funny that I was the only one. *shrug*

    Edit: Not the only one now, but I was first :D
  • Well I guessed the one that everyone else did.
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    What the... heyyyy!!! The developers are NOT eligible to vote!!! :D :D
  • Harrison, are you confirming the date? :D:p
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    The_Ripper wrote: »
    Harrison, are you confirming the date? :D:p

    Nah, he can't.

    Asked about whether the game was still released in 2011, he wrote:
    [...]official timeline stuff should probably come from the right channels. I could give my grain-of-salt "it's looking like X", but then I'd hate to see my name show up on Kotaku as a cited source for an expected release date. Telltale's got other folks who can handle that pressure better than me! :p

    I think that right now, even the designers have no idea how fast they can (and want to) deliver the second episode. There is probably a "projected date", which is TEH one date with an incredibly high improbability that the game actually releases on that day.

    So, whatever Harrison votes, better not vote this again. ;) ;)
  • You're losing this game! :D :D


    Seems like someone just

    *puts on sunglasses*


    Am I the only one who dislike this series?
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