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Walking Dead Episode 2 Release Date Discussion (June, but WHEN?)

posted by divisionten on - last edited - Viewed by 38.4K users
As you guys (hopefully) already know, we mods know just as much as you do about release dates. We're volunteers and don't work for Telltale. And one thing we LOOOOOVE is speculation! So here's a poll to guess when Episode 2: STARVED FOR HELP will release on PC/MAC. (I'm not including iOS or console since those typically release a little later; they must get approval from the iOS store, Microsoft, Sony, etc before they go live).

I'm going to sweeten the pot. Whomever guesses FIRST (I'll be able to see poll results) the correct date will get a custom commission from me. You can check out my work here here or here.

You can ask for a zombie portrait or anything else TWD related. I will either a) make digital art for you and email you the hi-rez or b) paint for you and film it, and send you a hi-rez photo of the painting.

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  • I thought they said every 4 weeks on the talking dead shows.

    Btw the poll is a complete guessing game I'd say, look at episode 1 ;)
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    Goldrock wrote: »
    Dunno i remember someone during one of their talking dead shows say they planned on a episode every 2 weeks i believe the phrase was they set the episode out so they have something to talk and speculate for about 2 weeks till the push the next one out.

    ...and you can still bet on the 8th, isn't that glorious? :D

    (Seriously, it's not two weeks and has never been. Episodes are released MONTHLY. You probably heard that they want to do a "Playing Dead" VIDEO every two weeks. But that release schedule has obviously passed marketing trapdoors already ;) )
    CapnJay wrote: »
    That poll seems silly now the wiki says Episode 2 comes out on the 30th

    So they have info even the entire company Telltale games doesn't have at the moment?
    They must be CLAIRVOYANT!

    (Again, these episodes are developed as we speak. There's a "monthly" schedule, but not even two weeks after the first episode was released, I doubt that TTG really already knows how fast they can deliver the second one. A lot of "sources", including IGN etc, just make those release dates up because they're even more desperate to have one than we are.)
  • i'm going to be ok till release day of twd ep2 cos the portal 2 level editor comes out on may 8th for pc :D
  • Yea I thought close to the end of last month I will get it the next one will be out in a few days so i thought, this does suck I was under the impression it would be more than 2 hours play, lame and for fuck sake you could announce, dates for each epp, pay money for a guessing game, first time with a ttg and if this piss poor prob the last
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    You could have informed yourself a tad bit more about the game and the company first. Please stop posting the same stuff over and over. Most of us here are absolutely content with monthly releases. It's how this company works, get used to it.
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    Well, now you're obviously trying to PROVE that you know absolutely nothing about this company and how it has worked in the last SIX YEARS. I recommend that you gather a lot more info first - especially how well they have kept their monthly release schedules with previous games - and then come back here in, say, 19 days when they're probably at least very close to a release.

    This game will have its fifth and last episode released late August or early September. You will have to get used to that as well.
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    flash-900 wrote: »
    how hard is to answer a simple question like the epp date

    Telltale knows they will need approximately one month to finish the episode, but as their work has to be achieved in such a short period of time, any kind of release date they COULD give would be pure speculation. Episodic gaming means that they could be finished in a bit less than a month, or a bit more than a month - but they will only know mere days before the release, so they justly don't give a release date. And they don't have to either - waiting a week more or less doesn't really make a difference. You'll get a date some days from release, when they can actually be SURE that the episode releases on that date. But not before.

    In the meantime, calm down and cast your vote. ;)

    flash-900 wrote: »
    whats the point might as well wait untill its 2 dollers in the bargin bin,

    If you're too impatient for monthly releases, I recommend you do exactly that. I have a few friends who just can't cope with waiting an entire month, so they wait for a Season to finish before they buy. It's a valid and definitely not offensive option, seriously.
  • flash have you heard of the term episodic gaming ? google it

    since your new to the forums i'll be patient with you, but if you take off the rose tinted glasses and look at back to the future the game which is probably the closest game to this in terms of gameplay and size, play through length it will give you an idea of what to expect release date wise..

    if TTG had not been succesfull as a company they would not have lasted 6 years, there is no stab in the dark they said monthly releases for episodes which is always in the last week or if there is a delay to the following week in rare cases.

    they have a structure it's called episodic gaming with monthly updates to the story which in twd's case is 5 episodes.. understand these games are not 100% complete they have the story, the gfx engine and most of the cut scenes done, but they do work on them to fine tune as well as the gameplay, voice acting and testing for bugs.

    ttg don't 'shaft' gamers in this way because they do say what thegame is how it's released and what to expect...

    and believe me they say it ALOT if you have any kind of common sence you'd use facebook/ign/gamespot/rock paper shotgun the list goes on, even i with limited time effort and patience can find the information easily....

    but if your too lazy to use google.....

    is there a sticky thread for ttg noobs ?
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    Vainamoinen Moderator

    is there a sticky thread for ttg noobs ?

    Yes. But I doubt it'll help much here.
  • flash-900 wrote: »
    I do understand the monthly relese of epps but so far paid full price and you cant even tell me if its this month next month or even if they will even have anther epp, i find hard to belive that the game code and basics are not done yet. you could not sell a concept to the owner of the rights unless they showed them some even some rough copy of the whole game, sounds like a con,

    but i guses no one is informed and we all are stuck to these guessing games

    This is the way its been done for many years now.. and TTG has never canceled a game mid season...

    The ONLY blemish on their record is they pushed back the release date of Jurassic Park.. and they made it right by giving EVERY person that had pre-ordered free games.

    TTG do not make games like other companies they work on them right up to the day they are released when they feel they are confident in knowing roughly what day they will be done they will let you know.

    Please stop making multiple threads asking the same question just because you do not like the answer.
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