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Walking Dead Episode 2 Release Date Discussion (June, but WHEN?)

posted by divisionten on - last edited - Viewed by 39.2K users
As you guys (hopefully) already know, we mods know just as much as you do about release dates. We're volunteers and don't work for Telltale. And one thing we LOOOOOVE is speculation! So here's a poll to guess when Episode 2: STARVED FOR HELP will release on PC/MAC. (I'm not including iOS or console since those typically release a little later; they must get approval from the iOS store, Microsoft, Sony, etc before they go live).

I'm going to sweeten the pot. Whomever guesses FIRST (I'll be able to see poll results) the correct date will get a custom commission from me. You can check out my work here here or here.

You can ask for a zombie portrait or anything else TWD related. I will either a) make digital art for you and email you the hi-rez or b) paint for you and film it, and send you a hi-rez photo of the painting.

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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    Telltale uses their own engine. You can assume that the engine is finished. :D

    The work on the episodes is ongoing. The main concept is finished of course, while the exact dialog script for episodes 4 and 5 is probably still in limbo. Voiceover work is probably ongoing for episode 3 or something but finished for episode 2 and so on. That's how it works. The "basics" are all there, rest assured.

    Telltale has so far released SEVEN Seasons that had 4-6 monthly episodes (3 Seasons Sam & Max, Back to the Future, Tales of Monkey Island, Wallace & Gromit, Strong Bad) in six years, and if an episode HAPPENED to be late, it was a matter of 6 to 10 days tops (and this was only a few Season finale episodes, where a particular effort had to be squeezed in). They haven't ever failed the basic concept "monthly release" once episode 1 of a given Season was out. No episode ever took even close to two months. They're on the clock now and they know what they're doing.

    Can we have this discussion end now?
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    I see the problem, I really do - I admit I wasn't a fan of the episodic concept to begin with. The fun is to participate in the discussion while you wait for the next episode to arrive, give reviews and feedback to the designers - and those might even immediately influence the way the next episode is done. More than once, they worked community reactions, suggestions or memes into their episodes.

    I can only say that you haven't paid for nothing here and that people keep working hard for this money. They will arrive at a 10-hour interactive story eventually, that's quite something to look forward to. Even if perhaps one episode might run a week late, Telltale has never failed to deliver ALL pre-paid episodes once they announced a full Season and I don't think they'll start failing now all of a sudden.

  • Can we have this discussion end now?

    maybe with flash yes but you can be sure there'll be another person asking the same thing soon ;)

    and to flash we don't mean to jump on you with an axe to grind, it's just for me at least possibly vainamoinen

    we see the same threads/same questions over and over again and regardless of what ttg do the same thing happens for each new game they bring out..

    maybe the fault lies with ttg not making the info clear, as the adverts only have so much room in them and the important stuff is either crammed in by way of really small print..or missed and later posted seperately but other game companies do the same thing and probably have to do the same explaning ?
  • thats fine flash :)

    glad we helped you !

    some people have been pissed and complained about the game too and they got some hostile reception ;)

    which path have you chosen good guy/ bad guy or moraley grey area (in the middle)?
  • I'll be honest, in the first couple days of Ep 1 delay I read alot of the forums, and I totally took some info the wrong way but this thread has straightened it out for me. I honestly thought that some games didn't make it to completion like Wallace n Gromit and/or others. And I could never ask the question in such a way that I'd get the answer I needed. Thanks guys.
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    No problem, we're happy enough that a second forum member reads all that stuff we wrote some hours ago. ;)

    /edit: 138 voters. OMG. :D :D
  • I purchased this games yesterday and finished it for 5hours. Darn. Can't wait for the 2nd ep. Can someone alert me when the ep2 will be release? [snip] Thanks!
  • I voted for this tuesday because im an optimist
  • ...I honestly thought that some games didn't make it to completion like Wallace n Gromit...

    I wish there had been more episodes of "W&G" - I love that game.........
  • Well, I can safely say that there will be a winner at some point; every date has been guessed.
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