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The Walking Dead

posted by Treb63 on - last edited - Viewed by 359 users
I still can`t get this Game to run on my machine I have purchased it through steam and its still not working why?

My set-up is Win7 64 Nvidia Geforce GTX 560 TI can anyone help I tried all the usual process install Direct X Clear the cache check the registry but still this game crashes on start-up to be honest I have had enough of trying :mad:
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    DjNDB Moderator
    That's kind of a tricky issue, so i can't be of much help.
    Have you tried all the suggestions in the TWD support FAQ?
    Further, TTG is investigating the crashes in this thread. You contribution might help tracking it down.
  • I am having the same problems. I have been for a few days now. My computer meets all of the recommended settings, and then some. I contacted steam support and followed all of their instructions on the issue. I checked my drivers, the game integrity, made sure i have the latest update for windows. I really want to play this game. But, i am out of ideas.
  • There's 6 of us in the forum who have only been able to play the game by disabling internet after starting steam but before starting the game.

    This site hasn't updated the faq to reflect this common solution yet.

    The other typical solution is right clicking the walkingdead101.exe executable and selecting compatability mode for win98, and run as admin
  • I tried disconnecting from steam before starting TWD, but it was the same result.
    How do i find 'walkingdead101.exe?
  • It's the icon on your desktop that you click to run the game. Right click it, properties, then click the compatibility tab.
  • I'm wondering if this is a Windows 7 issue? The game runs flawlessly on my Vista 64 rig; I'm thinking there must be some tremendous differences in the two OS's..
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