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Typo on Season 3 Poster Set?

posted by mignon on - last edited - Viewed by 481 users
I recently just purchased the lovely Devil’s Playhouse Movie Poster Set and it appears to me that when I was thoroughly taking in the eye candy, I spotted a typo within the Penal Zone poster. Located at the bottom it reads, "What happens when a power made space gorilla meets a psychically endowed rabbity thing?!" when I'm more than confident it should be "mad." However, I personally don't see a problem with the diminutive typo, I think it adds to the charm and it certainly made me chuckle :p

Curious though, anyone else out there who owns the set have the same sort of typo or more? I would love it if anyone from the TellTale team could have an input about the topic.
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  • I just checked my posters again to see if you were right...

    And you are. Dang. I never noticed that!
  • Yeah, haha! It's great, certainly made them so much better to own even though the typo was found on one poster. I wonder if TellTale plans on correcting it or just keeping it as is, probably pointless to reprint those posters since it's only one little mistake out of the batch from what I can tell.
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