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The Walking Dead won't run at ALL (exe "stopped working" error)

posted by Banjo on - last edited - Viewed by 11.5K users
I just bought the game yesterday ('Telltale build' for PC, nothing to do with "Steam", which I don't even have installed) and it refuses to run with the error "WalkingDead101.exe has stopped working".

I'm using Windows 7 64-bit, Intel Core i5 processor, 4GB RAM, ATI 3870 with 512MB memory. Video drivers up-to-date.

In response to another thread asking for troubleshooting information:

1) Windows Firewall never asks to allow/block the program. I manually allowed it. Didn't make a difference (same error). I manually BLOCKED it... no change, same error.

2) Avast Antivirus on or off made no difference.

3) Physically unplugging the internet made no difference.

Furthermore, I've so far tried:

Running the shortcut on desktop created.
Running the .exe directly.
Running the .exe as admin.
Running the .exe in Win98 and/or WinXP compatibility modes (as suggested in another thread).
Running the .exe with "disable desktop composition" checked (as suggested in another site).
Restarting the computer, then trying all the above again.

Every single time, the same result: black screen for a few seconds, then crash to desktop with error ".

When installing, I let it check DirectX... it said I was "up-to-date". Rebooted even though it didn't ask me to, just in case.

Key point here (to those who have 'fixed' this error): this is the Telltale PC version of the game, not the "Steam" one. Most folks here seem to be talking about the game as if it was on Steam (and thus I assume their "fixes" like disconnecting the internet, are related to that). Was I - buying from Telltale - supposed to get a Steam version as well when I bought this? Would that version at least WORK (providing the internet is disconnected)?

Is this related to some kind of DRM? Is it a problem of connecting to Telltale's servers (if so, that's a worry 'cos it means you can't play the game offline?!?!). Why not a "serial code" like Telltale's old games, which was a much better and fairer way to protect games and avoid problems like this? Heck, this is just a guess, but if it is the cause... ridiculous DRM is the reason I rarely buy PC games anymore.

I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask for a refund if this isn't patched/fixed soon, which is a shame because I'm not only a big Walking Dead fan (since the start of the comic), but a long-time fan of Telltale since the first episode of their first Sam & Max game. I've never had a problem like this with a Telltale game before; I can understand a game gets released with the occasional graphic glitch or bug that needs patching, but this game - for me - is not even loadable, let alone playable.

Do *any* owners of the Telltale (non-Steam) PC version of this game have the game actually working? Has anyone managed to fix this error for the non-Steam Telltale release?

Heck, I would have just bought this for my Xbox 360, but I'm in Australia, so we don't get that option sadly. :(

I hate to say, but I'm feeling majorly disappointed and angry here.
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  • Banjo-

    You pretty much wrote everything that I've been saying, and have also been wanting to say, but outlined it perfectly.

    I have tried everything you've listed as well. I was experiencing this with the standalone version 1st, and then tried the Steam version afterward. The Steam version was released early to customers who pre-ordered the game, since Telltale was having technical difficulties posting the standalone version on their site at first, and sent out an e-mail saying so.

    I, too, have been a longtime fan of their games (and the Walking Dead comics/show), and have been able to run every one successfully up until this one. I have required an occasional workaround related to graphics in the past since I have the unrecommended Intel host video, but seeing as you and others have a compatible ATI (or NVidia) card, I am now hesitant to upgrade my video card, and will probably be requesting a refund soon as well.
  • That sux. It's odd that in 2012 a company that releases a game like this, with such a big franchise such as WD...they struggle with what should be fundamental design and code. It's almost as if this was coded by 1 or 2 people right out of college or something...or perhaps just as a pet project.

    Reminds me all to much of the Magic: Tactics debacle from SOE.

    Apparently, quality assurance is not a value or priority with some developers (and is what, IMO, sets them apart from the big boys).
  • Yes, as much as something like the thousands of little bugs in something like Fallout 3 (to give a "big company" example) are annoying, those are massive, massive games and the bugs are usually just minor problems that affect small parts of the game. I can see how they were missed (though it's ridiculous that fans find and 'patch' these often months before the devs!).

    In this case, the entire game won't run. Period. Telltale's past games have all at least started... it's the sort of thing you NEED to get right. Do they have beta testers? I'd be happy to be one, if it helped prevent this sort of thing.

    I wonder if Telltale - and this isn't meant disrespectfully - knew what they were getting into with a Walking Dead game? From what I've read, the game is good... but The Walking Dead has a HUGE fanbase. This is a very important title for them to get right (look at how many threads are on this board saying "this is my first Telltale game" or "never played point and click games before... what else should I buy?". The WD fanbase (especially mainstream now thanks to the TV show) is much larger than Monkey Island or Sam and Max, so doing things like ignoring Aussie fans and releasing a game that doesn't run on many people's computers either at all or unless you search a forum for help isn't a good thing.

    Can I ask, Telltale, if the Steam version works (disconnected) where the standalone doesn't, are you going to offer it to all your customers who bought the standalone version (which I bought to better support Telltale and avoid Steam in the first place) so they can at least play what they purchased while you patch the standalone release's major bug? I don't want a free lunch, but I do expect to be able to play what I paid for and not have to spend money to troubleshoot a product.

    I've scanned a few topics here and it's most worrying that there seems to be no offer of redress for those with this problem, no real suggestions to fix it (the "disconnect your internet" seems to only work for the Steam version) and not even any news except one "help us troubleshoot this".

    Heck, I'd say "just refund me and I'll buy it on Xbox", but again... Australian. :(

    Oh, and the most worrying part is: I normally buy the "full season" with Telltale, but a demo at least (if not the first ep available alone, like all other Telltale releases) would have alerted me to wait and not buy a game that doesn't run yet. With no way (no PC demo?!) to "try before you buy", I had to use my past trust of Telltale to blind buy the whole series... trust that sadly seems to have been a mistake.
  • Um, is there a place I should be posting a "support request" or ticket or something? Since there's no official replies here, I assume I'm missing the place to send an official support request for a non-working game? Where have others (since it seems I'm far from alone) been requesting help, patches, etc.?

    I really don't want to have to go with a refund, but if I can't play the game I bought than I really can't just throw the money away. Heck, I'd much rather play the game, so if that means re-buying on "Steam" if that's the only PC version that works, so be it. But some kind of response would be nice, for paying customers who've supported Telltale for years.
  • I have the same problem on steam... I click to launch the game, screen goes black and then the exe error. I've tried launching it after unplugging my internet, I've tried rebooting, I've tried re-updating my files, I've checked them for accuracy and I've browsed this forum a hundred times to no avail. I just bought a full season of a game that I can't play and don't seem to be finding much help from the game makers here....
  • I honestly wish I was a "one off case", as this is clearly a bad deal for a lot of folks who bought this game. I too feel we're being ignored... just a "patch will be released on X date" would be a comfort, if it can't be fixed right now.

    So, you're using the Steam version and the disconnect from internet trick isn't working for you? Seems only some with that can get it to run that way, then.

    Is anyone using the non-Steam and got it working? Anyone at all?
  • Where can one find the executable when running steam? I can't find it under search...
  • Raktus;608139 said:
    Where can one find the executable when running steam? I can't find it under search...
    Sorry, I haven't used Steam since 'Half-Life 2' swore me off it forever! :(

    I'd assume you could find the .exe somewhere by searching for "WalkingDead101.exe" (presuming it's the same name), but if that's not working, I don't know what to suggest.
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    puzzlebox Telltale Staff
    Banjo;608054 said:
    Um, is there a place I should be posting a "support request" or ticket or something? Since there's no official replies here, I assume I'm missing the place to send an official support request for a non-working game? Where have others (since it seems I'm far from alone) been requesting help, patches, etc.?
    The tech support email address is [email][/email]. Official staff do check this forum, but not so much outside of US west coast office hours.

    It sounds like you've already tried the fixes specified in this thread. Sorry I haven't any others to suggest right now.
  • Still no official reply?

    I guess I'll email Telltale for a refund, then. :(
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