This game series is 16+?

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Hi everyone!

I've just seen back to the future released on PS3 via disc, and shocked to find its a 16+ age rating.

Can someone tell me why its such a high rating? Is there a lot of swearing or something? Any information would be great :)


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    Hmm, well there's a bit of swearing (damn, hell, shit) but it's not overly frequent and used mainly for emphasis. Since the game explores Hill Valley circa 1930's, you can expect gangsters, guns (although nothing graphic) and alcohol.

    Other users can add to what I've missed but I think I've covered most of the content featured.
  • you basically hit it; booze, violence, profanity as well as two in game murders (doc and artie) as well as guns.
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    I was also looking for the same information and got enough replies now. The game sounds interesting.
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    I was looking a lot of info about this games!
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